Head Injury

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Ashley, aged 7 was playing in the backgarden, alone. This was normal since her big brother Jay was currently trying to finish a phone call with Voight.

Usually, when either brother was busy and couldn't watch her, they usually brought her back inside till they could watch her.

So, seeing as it was the first time for Ashley to do anything without someone watching her, she decided she might as well climb the tree in the garden.

She walked over to it and began climbing, exactly like Kelly Severide had taught her a while ago.
She got to the very top branch, which was atleast 8 feet up.

The only issue of now being up in the tree, was how to get down from the tree. She grabbed onto one of the thinner branches, before putting her foot onto the branch under it. She then put all of her weight onto both but didn't expect it to snap. She then fell back. Onto her shoulder and the side of her head before she saw black.

"Ashley! Come on! We have to get to the 21st!" Jay yelled from the kitchen.
"Ashley!" He yelled.
He walked outside to the door and saw his sister laying down next to the tree.
"Come on sis! Stop playing around!" He told her, however due to the lack of movement, he instantly began getting worried. "Ashley!" He shouted before rushing over and kneeling beside her, moving her to lay on her back. However seeing the blood on her head and that she wasn't awake, he instantly grabbed out his phone, calling an ambulance.

He explained what had happened before picking her up and carrying her outside. Five minutes later an Ambulance came. he instantly rushed over and placed her inside on the bed.

The trip took around 6 minutes before they rushed her inside. Jay remained really close to his sisters side as they rolled her inside.

"Dr Rhodes! Trauma 5! Ashley Halstead, age 7, head and shoulder injury. Fell off a tree. No idea how long she's been unconcious." Someone explained.
"Someone grab Dr Halstead!" Connor yelled as he checked Ashleys head and shoulder. "Get the stitches ready then I want this shoulder wrapped up." He explained.

Suddenly Dr Halstead began running over, straight to Jay.
"What's wrong? What happened?" He asked quickly.
"I think she fell off the tree in the garden. Hit her head and damaged her shoulder." He explained.
"Why did you leave her alone to fall?" Will asked.
"Testing to see if she was ready..." Jay sighed.

They waited a while before she was awake. Both Jay and Will remained by her side, talking to her about what was going on.

The whole of the Police Department, Intelligence Unit visited. Nearly all the doctors saw her since they worked there. And only the Police lot were able to send text's to her, but had no time to visit.

(Except for Gabby Dawson, who had to come to drop someone off and to give Antonio something since he was visiting her too.)

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