'Tragic Fire'

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Ashley, Will and Jay were driving home from a small day trip when they came across a huge lot of damage to a building. People were infront of it, mourning.
"What in the world..." Jay mumbled.
"Voight and everyone is there." Will spoke before parking.
"Where are we going?" Ashley asked getting out of the car and following her brothers. They walked straight to Voight.

"What happened?" Jay asked instantly after walking over.
"Some fire accident people are suspecting. We're here just making sure it was an accident. You busy? You could help out if not." Voight stated.
"I was just taking Ashley home... But yeah, I don't mind helping out. Ash, stay with Voight." He spoke before walking away.

"You wouldn't be here if you thought this was an accident. Iris stated to Voight.
"See someone's learnt.." Voight shrugged and pointed to the building, where some people were putting photos up and mourning. "Notice something about these people? What they all have in similar?" He asked.
"I mean they all look rather wealthy. They're all wearing designer stuff." Ashley answered.
"That's right. All of the people that had been involved in the fire, and killed in the fire were all wealthy. While it could just be a matter of wrong place, wrong time. There is definetely something to look into. Even if it might be worthless." Voight told her.
"Boy will this be a fun case to hear Jay talk about." Ash grinned.

"Come on Ashley. I'm dropping you off at home before I head into work. Jay's taking a ride home with Antonio once they're done here so he won't be too long behind us. Gonna order some take out for you and Jay so you have some food. I'll grab some on my way home from work. Sound good?" Will asked, walking over.
"Sounds great. Bye Voight." She smiled and left.

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