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Ashley had been threatened a lot during her high school year when she was only 13 years old. It was a male, age 18. He had touched her once, but when Ashley had said that she was going to tell her family. She was threatened with murder. He'd kill her.

It was around three months into him constantly touching her, that she decided she would go to a family member. Or more specifically. A crazy overprotective family member.

While her brother was out with Adam, he had left her at the station. To do homework. She made sure her brother was gone before going to Hank's office. Knocking on the door.

"What's up kiddo? need more paper?" He asked.
"No... It's something at school I'm not comfortable with. And I need to tell you." She explained.
His face became more stern. "Come in, take a seat. Close the door." He stated. She did so."Explain." he told her as soon as the door was closed.

Ashley began explaining about the male, and what he had threatened her with. Hank was getting a lot angrier though. Hank asked for the name and of course, she gave it him.

"I need you to stay in here while I go out. Ok? Don't leave." Hank told her.
He then walked out to the remaining crew. Antonio and Alvin.

"Antonio, Alvin, come on, we're going out to get an idiot teenager." he explaiend.

Around half an hour later, Ashley watched Alvin and Hank drag the certain male, by the ear into the interigation room. He had bruises all over his face. Blood falling from both his nose and mouth.

"Hank beat him up, didn't he?" Ashley asked Antonio.
"Not only Hank." Antonio winked.
"Who else?" She asked.
"Me, Alvin took a nice few hits. Trudy was the cause of the blooded nose." Antonio explained.
"I'll have to thank her. Do you know what's going to happen to him?" She asked Antonio.

"Well right now, I suspect he's getting a bit of a... helping to spill what he's done. Other than that, I suspect he'll be arrested. Hopefully before your br-" Antonio was interupted by Adam and Jay rushing past to the interigation room. Both showing how pissed off they were by their faces.

"Never mind, he's dead." Antonio shrugged.
"yep. Jay looks pissed." She smiled.
"Language. And we saw and heard nothing." Antonio winked at her. "Hank will deal with it." He added, going to sit down.

Alvin walked out, dragging the male, who was now blooded up and crying. He dragged him down the stairs.

"You let him live?" She asked.
"yeah. Prison can do the rest." Hank smiled, giving her a hug.
"Bloody bastard." Jay mumbled, looking to the stairs.

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