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Ashley never really got mad at her brothers.
Sure she was denied a lot of things like too many sweets, but she never did get too angry about that.

Her eldest brother Will always gave her reasons with the food she ate. The dangers.
Then her brother, Jay always spoke about the dangers of other things.
So she didn't mind.

It was when she was just 15 that she finally got mad enough at her brothers. It was a day that she was asking to go to a sleepover at her friends home, however had been told that she couldn't go. She never got a reason but she knew it pissed her off.

So when she was left at home as her brothers went to work. Being told to keep the door locked and let no one inside... She went straight to Jay's bedroom. Grabbing one of his backpacks before rushing to her room. Putting two simple outfits in the bag. Then she went to the kitchen, grabbing some food she knew would last a while before pulling on her shoes. She threw her phone onto the sofa before leaving.

Ashley went a pathway that her brothers had no reason going near. And despite that, she stayed out of view of cars.


Jay arrived home a little after 10pm. Making it around 13 hours since he left his little sister at home. The issue was, they were looking into a case that involved the police. people were trying to murder the police, so they were trying to keep their kids and siblings safe till the person was found.

Either way, he walked into the house.

"Ash! I'm home!" He yelled, knowing she would still be awake. He went to the kitchen to make himself a drink but seeing as she didn't answer. He went to her room, quietly in case she was asleep. However, seeing her not there, he checked the whole house, deciding to call her. Her phone rang in the living room so he knew instantly she wasn't here. He called WIll a second later before going out to search for her.


Will was just dealing with a patient. His phone buzzing. Will finished up with the patient before leaving the room and answering the call.

After being told about the situation, he instantly rushed to Maggie.

"What's wrong Halstead?" Maggie asked.
"My sister's missing, I have to go help with the search." He explained.
"I'll tell Sharon, go. Help." Maggie explained.

Of course, Will ran to his car before rushing to each of his sisters friends homes.

In the end, Will and Jay got to the station and spoke with Hank and the team. By the end, they were trying to find details and information on where she might be.

In the end, they found a security camera saying she was near a park. So quite instantly, the whole group rushed to the park, running around asking people if they saw her.

Jay and Will rushed at their sister before pulling her into a tight hug.

Jay explained why he didn't want her going to the sleepover before taking her home.

And yes... She got grounded for a full week.

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