Going to Work with Jay

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Ashley had a week off of school when she was 8. She was meant to spend it at home since school had been shut due to flu going around. Thankfully, being related to Will meant she knew how to protect herself and it worked well since she didn't get sick.

She was woken by Jay one morning.
"Hey kiddo, time to get up. Get changed. Hurry up." He told her.
"Alright. Alright." She sighed, getting up and going to get changed.

She walked downstairs around five minutes later, but was dragged to the car a moment later. Apparently he had to get to work and Will was busy at the hospital. So she was going to work with Jay today.

Once arriving, they said a quick hello to Trudy. They then went straight upstairs. Jay scanning his hand to let them through.

"Hey there kiddo." Antonio smiled
"Hey Antonio." She smiled back, giving him a hug.

"Hey there! There's my favourite Halstead!" Hank spoke, walking over and pulling her into a tight hug.
"Hah! Told you, Jay!" Ashley bragged.
"Halstead, your on duty today. Mini Halstead, you're in my car, you're coming with us." Hank explained.
"We can't bring my sister with us! Thats really dangerous!" Jay instantly yelled.
"Calm down Halstead. It's a small task. She's family. We won't cause her to get hurt." Hank explained. "Ashley, how about we go to this place?" He asked.

They arrived at the place before Hank guided her to an appartment building.

Hank handed her a box of, cookies.
"What's this about?" She asked.
"Your gonna be selling cookies to a certain house. For school. We need him to offer you inside, we'll step in from there." Hank explained.

"Antonio." Hank spoke quickly.
Antonio began putting equipment on her, hiding them in her clothes.

"Do me a favour, kiddo." Jay spoke, walking over.
"Yes?" She asked.
"Don't tell Will I let you do this. He'll kill me. Then he'll kill you with hugs. And he's the calm brother." he explained.
"Okay." She nodded.

She got up to the apartment that she was told to go to. Antonio was hid next door, in someone's doorway. The rest of the Police were stood ready to break in the moment they needed to.

Ashley knocked on the door, instantly being answered by a rather weird looking man.

"What do you want?" He asked.
"Hi! I'm selling cookies for my funraiser at school. Going around the neighbourhood." Ashley explained.
"Oh?" He asked, looking around the surounding's to make sure they were alone.
"Yeah, would you like to buy some? They're homemade." She explained.
"Sure. Come on inside." He motioned her inside. "I'll grab some cash. Don't want you waiting out in the cold." He explained.
Ashley knew well that she should never go into a house with a stranger, but for the sake of the task at hand. She smiled, and nodded. Walking inside the house.

"You can take a seat, I'll be a minute." He spoke, walking to the back of the room.
"Now." She mumbled into the mic.

Not even a second later, Antonio shoved in, rushing to the back of the appartment with his gun out.

"CHICAGO PD!" He yelled.

Alvin and Hank rushed in next, followed closely by Adam and Kevin. They rushed straight to the back, it was when Jay rushed in, that he rushed straight to her.

"Any injuries? Bumps? Bruises? Cut's? Scratches? Broken bones?" He asked.
"I'm fine Jay." She explained.
"Right, we're getting you out of here. I still want to check you over." He explained before walking out of the building and to the cars with her.

"I'm fine, Jay." She rolled her eyes as Jayden patted her down.

Antonio walked past with the man, handcuffed. His face, covered slightly in blood and bruises.

"That little brat was working for you?" He asked.
"Shut up and move. Want another of what happened in there?" Antonio asked.

He kept walking.
"Will is going to kill me if he finds out..." Jay mumbled.
"He wont find out. Stop worrying." She rolled her eyes.

Of course, Hank said well done to her, proud that the young girl did so well.

"Definatly the sister of an amazing cop." Hank praised.

She walked away to talk to Adam. However heard Alvin, Hank and Jay a minute later.

"You gave him a beating, what for?" Jay asked.
"Just a little warning for what he might have wanted to do to Ashley." Hank spoke.
"Worth it." Alvin shrugged.

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