School Accident

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"Come on Ash! You can do it! Stop being a baby!" One of the boys yelled. They were on the climbing bars. It was for older children, so technically they were too small for it. But they were playing on it anyways. Only at 7 years old.
"My big brothers would go mad!" Ashley pointed out.
"Baby. Baby. Baby." The others made fun of her.
"Fine!" She spat before starting to climb across.

Ashley was climbing across perfectly fine, although it took one of the girls making a sudden sound which caused her to slip and fall. She fell back on the floor. It should be less hard, although her head bounced straight off the floor.

One of the others instantly screamed while one of the boys took the right decision and ran for a teacher. Afterall, she hadn't got up or anything.

Moments later the teacher was at her side, asking her some questions. But when the nurse arrived, it was decided she would be going to the hospital.
"Should I call her family?" A teacher asked.
"No no. It's ok. We just have her go to Chicago Med. Her eldest brother works there. He'd be notified when we got there. And as for her other brother... He's on the list to not phone during the school day." The other explained.

She was taken straight to the hospital.
"Trauma 3." Maggie spoke as they arrived.

Dr Rhodes was the one to rush over and help. But paused slightly when he saw who it was.
"What's happened?" Connor asked.
"She took a fall during school. Hit her head. She's responsive but dizzy, a little tired too." The Paramedic explained.
"Ah... So Ashley, how're you feeling? Do you feel like you might puke or anything?" Connor asked while gently checking over her head.
"Mm... I'm okay... It was just a bounce. I think it just shook me up a little." She explained.
"Well.. You seem fine but let's keep you here till the end of your brothers shift. We'll see if anything changes." Connor smiles.

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