Appendicities (Pt 2)

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Will and Jay sat there for 10 minutes as they just watched their siser, laying there unconcious.
"I should call Voight... They're gonna be wondering why I'm not at work..." Jay sighed, picking up his phone before stepping outside.

He called Voight the moment he was able to.

"Where the hell are you, Jay? You're late. I called you 2 hours ago to get your ass here for a case. Why're you late? I know it's nearly midnight, but you need to get here." Voight yelled.
"Listen, Voight... It's Ashley." He stated.
"What's wrong with her? is she missing? Shes 6, if she's missing, maybe she was kidnap-" Voight was interupted.
"She wasn't kidnapped. She's not missing. She's in hospital." Jay explained.
"She's in hospital?" Voight asked. On the phone, there was a faint yell of 'Everyone pack up, we're going to the hospital!'
"Yeah, she got Appendicities. She got out of surgery around 10 minutes ago."  Jay sighed.
"Right, well what room are you in? We'll all come visit." Voight stated.
"Trauma 5 at the moment, but she's going to be moved into a private room very soon. Seeing as she's going to be here for two days or so." Jay explained.
"Right. We'll be there soon." Voight sighed before hanging up.

Jay walked back into the room, sitting next to Will as they continued to wait. Around 2 minutes, Ashley seemed to be waking up.
"Hey hun... How're you feeling?" Will asked, taking hold of her hand.
"Mmn.. Tired.. Groggy." She mumbled.
"Well, that will be the medication..." Will smiled.
"Wha... Happened?" She asked, her eyes blinking slowly.
"You had your appendix taken out, angel." Jay smiled gently.
"Oh... Okay." She nodded.

"How're you feeling sweetie?" Connor asked, walking into the room.
"Dr Rhodes..." She smiled to him.
"Yep, that's me. Glad the medication didn't ruin your braincells." Connor smiled, checking her heart rate on the machines. "Good news is that your still breathing normally and everything." He smiled to her. He sorted out her drip a second or so later.

Jay and Will watched as Dr Rhodes checked her over, ensuring she was alright and there were no signs of infections.
"Right, that's good. You should be good to have something to 'eat.' I'll have Maggie bring you in a sort of smoothie. Anything in particular you want in it?" Connor asked her.
"Fruit..." She mumbled.
"A fruit smoothie coming up." Connor smiled before leaving the room.

Five minutes later Maggie walked in holding a cup with a fruit smoothie in it. Including that, a straw. "One smoothie and a few guests." Maggie smiled, handing the smoothie to Will as she went to Ashley's side.

"Here... Slowly, let's get you sat up just a bit." Maggie smiled, pressing the button on the side of her bed. It slowly came up before Maggie stopped it, placing the table over her before then putting the drink infront of her. Smiling.
"Thanks..." Ashley smiled.
"I'll let some of your friends come in." Maggie smiled before leaving the room.

Ashley pulled her shaky hand up to her drink. Slowly sipping a tiny bit of her smoothie.
"Only small amounts at a time hun." Will told her.
"Yeah, let's not have you back in surgery." Adam's voice spoke.

They all looked over to the enterance. Alvin, Adam, Voight and Antonio were stood in the enterance.
"How're you feeling?" Voight asked.
"Sore..." Ashley shrugged slightly.
"Well, that's expected. You've just had surgery not even an hour ago." Alvin smiled.
"Mhm..." She nodded, taking another sip of her smoothie. She swallowed and winced. "Will... Hurts." She stated.
"Sorry kiddo, I can't get you anymore medication yet." Will sighed.  "Just try and finish your smoothie." He told her.
"But... It hurts..." She stated.
"I know, hun. But please try. Not too quickly. You can drink a sip every minute or so." He smiled.
"Alright..." She nodded.

Ashley ended up talking to a lot of visitors who all came in the times of 2 hours.
- Kim
- Hank
- Adam
- Antonio
- Trudy
- Alvin
- Kevin
- Sean
(People already in the hospital came over to see her)
- Natalie
- April
- Sharon Goodwin
- Ethan
- Connor (Though he was her doctor)
- Dr Reese
- Dr Charles
- Noah
(Then people that were called last by Voight)
- Severide
- Casey
- Brett
- Dawson (Gabriela)
- Leslie
- Otis
- Kidd
- Mouch
- Joe
- Hermann
- Boden

Let's just say the waiting room was huge.
Either way, after all the guests had gone home, Ashley was moved up to a room. It was a room with no one else. It was a rather large room but the doctors she knew would be able to watch over her.

Ashley ended up staying in the hospital for 2 days before spending another 5 days at home.
It was after that week that she was told by Connor that she could begin walking around again.

"Time to wake up, hun." Jay said gently to his little sister.
"Morning...." She mumbled, sitting up carefully with a wince.
"Morning, ready to go visit the 21st?" He asked, handing her the medication and then her water.
"Mhm..." She nodded.

It was a short ride to the station. Jay helped her out of the car, grabbing their stuff. They walked slowly into the building. It was important for Ashley to not get too tired so they couldn't go too quickly. And Will had pointed out that kids rip their stitches really easily after being aloud to walk. So they had to watch out for her going too quickly or making sudden movements.

"Hey there, hun." Trudy spoke, walking around her desk to her.
"Hey Trudy..." She smiled.
"Still too tired?" Trudy asked.
"Mmh." She nodded.
"We should go upstairs now." Jay smiled, picking her up.
"Jay, I wanna walk." She muttered.
"We don't want you getting too tired." Jay smiled.

They spent a few weeks getting her back up and happy. In around 2 months, she was up, playing and jumping around.
She seemed bran new, and with less worries surprisingly.

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