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The next suggestion. I'll say the whole thing since it's only a short request.

"Hi I love your writing, Can you write a story where Jay or Will accidentally hurts Ashley during an argument."

It'll be a short chapter, but of course.

"We spoke about this, Ashley. If you don't study, then your grades wont go up!" Jay yelled.
"My grades are fine! Just because they're not perfect doesn't mean they're not good!" She yelled back.
"Dont give me that attitude!" Jay spat.
"I'm not giving you attitude! Your being stupid!" She snapped at him.
"Ashley Jess Halstead!" Jay yelled before slapping her, not even realising he did it till she burst out in tears.

"Oh! I'm so sorry hun!" Jay spoke, pulling her into a hug.
"Y-You hit me!" She complained.
"Sorry hun. Come on, let's have some ice cream." He smiled.
"O...Ok." She sniffled.

They headed to the kitchen and both enjoyed some ice cream. Calming down.
As soon as WIll found out, he yelled at Jay for over an hour.

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