If Jay Died

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Right so I got a suggestion, asking me to write about if Jay died.
Just a heads up that I'm the worst at sad stories. I dont know why honestly. But I'm gonna try.
I hope you enjoy the story.

Ashley's age : 15

Connor Rhodes walked out of the room that Jay was in.
When Jay was at work yesterday, he was shot in the chest. At first, everything was fine. He told Voight that he wanted everyone to make sure Ashley would live happy and fine. He then collapsed in Antonio's arms.

"How is he?" Will asked, walking over and standing beside Ashley.
Voight walked over as well, standing on the other side of Ashley with a hand over her shoulder.
Connor looked at Will and Ashley in the eyes.

Ashley saw the tears forming in his eyes. "I'm sorry." He spoke.
That was all Ashley needed to hear before she broke down. She screamed out in tears, falling to her knees.
Her brother was dead. One of the men who raised her after her parents died.

Her brother... The one she believed would protect her from any dangers in the world...
He was dead.

Will followed closely after his sister, the only reason he didn't collapse onto the ground was because Dr Choi quickly grabbed him, guiding him to a seat.
Will cried as his hands went over his face.

Voight remained crouching beside Ashley, holding her against his chest as she screamed and cried. Ignoring as his own face streamed with tears.  A man... A man in his team that he saw as family... As his son... Was dead.

Antonio, Adam, Kevin and Alvin all stood together. Each of their faces were covered in the wet salty tears as they watched the two siblings break down.

The hospital was silent other than the sounds of crying. The sounds of a screaming sister and a broken brother.

The body of Jay Halstead.... Laid on a bed... Just 15 feet away.

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