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Ashley Halstead never had any nightmares while she was a child. That was because knew her big brothers were there to protect her. Her big brother Jay would protect her with the police force. And her big brother Will would medically help her for anything.

She was six when she had her first nightmare. It was a nightmare where her brothers had left her... Alone in a dark house.

When she of course woke up crying, She went to the one person she knew would protect her. Jay. Both Jay and Will kept their doors slightly open during the night so they could hear what was going on in the house while people were asleep.

She walked quickly to his bed and crawled in the side that he wasn't laid on. She then crawled to him and layed down, placing her face on his chest.

"Can't sleep?" Jay mumbled.
"nightmare... You and Will left me." She told him, feeling his arms go around her back.
"Never gonna leave you kiddo. We'll never leave because without you, we're a mess." He told her. "Now, how about we go see Will. Cuddle up as a family?" He asked.
"Okay." She nodded.

Jay picked her up before walking to Will's room. It wasn't a surprise he sat up as soon as they stepped into the room. He had to be a light sleeper to answer his phone if he was needed at Chicago Med.

"What's wrong?" He asked.
"Our lovely little sister has had her very first nightmare." Jay spoke, walking over to his brothers bed and laying down, placing Ashley in the middle of them.

Both brothers put aleast an arm on their sister. Then the small trio of siblings fell asleep to the peaceful silence of the midnight air.

They'd talk about it in the morning.

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