Confession #22

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Confession #22: I'm much more closer to people on Wattpad than people in real life.

        It's time to face the facts. I'm just not good with people in reality. I don't know if it's my appearance, or the way I talk, or my laugh, that scares away people, but it does. I'm the loner at my school. Apparently I have "no fashion sense" as the teenage girls at my school look at me in disgust. But honestly, I stopped caring.... well kinda.

        I can be as social, as fun, as friendly as I can be in the real world, but no one will notice me. I'm just one of those classic books (what up book reference? xD) that has been sitting on the shelf collecting dust. There will always be one person who will pick up that classic book, clean it, read it, share memories with it, but in the end, they put it back right where they started.

        So I can honestly say that Wattpad is my life... IT'S BETTER THAN FACEBOOK! People here are actually nice, and friendly. You can fall in love with someone's words, and that's where I fit in. I may look like what this society's guidline considers "unattractive" but I have words. In fact, if the whole world was internet based, I would be much, much popular than I am now.

        The thing about words is, their meaning is beautiful. You can understand a person's pain, and passion through words. You won't be judged by your face, you'll be judged by your words. Words show the true beauty of what's on the inside.

        Thank you to all my readers, followers, and to all the people who have talked to me through private message and on threads. You truly mean a lot to me :) I may not be as popular as I am on Wattpad in real life, but I always know I have a better home here. :)

        I appreciate this. I really do! I'm a misfit in the soceity but here I'm an amazing writer in which people ask for updates. I'm needed here. I belong here.

        To people in real life (if you ever happen to come across this for some odd reason): Thanks for giving me pain because without pain, I would not be able to share my experiences with others on Wattpad. Thanks for giving me character ideas for mean people :P

        All jokes aside, I will be frank to you: Soceity is painful. Well to me it is :P Economy is something everyone has been struggling with and for my family, it's an issue.

         That is why I'm telling you, to not judge a book by its cover until you have read its story, word for word, page by page.

        Thank you, everyone. :)

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