Confession #76

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Confession #76: I worry too much

I do. It kinda sucks. Like today I was talking to my friend and joking how badass I am and a rebel and I said something that sounded really bad... something like I sometimes go against my parents and all that shit. And things just got awkward

And so I am beating myself up. What if he judged me? What if he hated me? What if he thinks i'm a terrible person? He probably does. I should probably move on, I mean no one will really remember this ten years from now.. even a few days from now. I just hate how I beat myself up. All I am thinking about is how I fucked up

Like seriously

I don't want to be sad all the time. I'm tired of it. I screw up. I DESPISE myself when I overthink. My heart is sunk. I'm worrying. I'm worrying about whether or not he is judging me. I'm scared. 

Well there goes my sleep.

Why do the little things fucking get to me?

I'm so tired.

Tired of fighting this anxiety that no one acknowledges.

I need help... but who who will help me

I'm tired

Hopefully I can just move on from it

KNowing me, I won't.


Can't get over something that isn't even important, I mean ppl slip things out. We all make mistakes


I hate me

I hate ppl

I don't know why he still talks to me

I don't know why all yall are reading this piece of shit written by a no good writer


If i could die rn, i'd die happy

I hate going through this.

I am so tired of failing.

So so so so tired

Anyways I should probably go to bed or clean my room and just not think about this. I will try my best not to think about it


Night xx

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