Confession #4

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Confession #4: Meh.

Sometimes like today I feel so meh. You know, those days where you don't want to get out of bed? Yeah, today was like that. I felt so tired and my energy was drained. I got up and did my normal routine of waking up, brushing teeth, praying, getting dressed.

Today I wore a black tunic. It was plain black. I wore a pair of jeans, a bright orange scarf and an orange bracelet. I put my hair in a high ponytail and went downstairs grabbing my backpack with me.

During breakfast, while I was eating cereal, my mom was talking about posts I made on fb. I took them off but she told me in an accusatory tone about how I posted this guy at my high school asking Miley out for Prom. He did the whole foam finger thing and my mom saw that picture. I felt like that was reasonable that she would not like that, I took it off. She keeps on telling me that I was mad at her for that reason when I was not. She critiques everything, and I feel so slone. I just want a good job, or be supported with my decisions, my morales, my beiliefs. Idk when that will happen.

Anyway, so I left for school after doing all my lunch stuff and things like that. And so during school, I was still having a meh day. I felt alone all of a sudden. Anyways so Stugo came along (it is student government just so you know) and we were celebrating this girl. You see every friday we celebrate someone which means someone brings food, everyone writes sweet comments to that person. I saw the decorations for her. They were incredible. I wished I got the same treatment. I wished I felt loved. Stugo means just staying in the corner agreeing to what the freshmen say, and working hard on things that no one will give me credit anymore.

You also need a lot of money to join stugo which I did not no... So i'm quitting stugo next year. It's too much money. Everyone there is rich so they don't need to worry. But an average giurl like me whose family is struggling to keep up with the high gas prices, yeah it's hard. I feel guilty asking my mom for money.

So after school, I went to robotics. I love robotics. THey always make my day! :) Anyways this guy was acting like a bish to me. He was impatient when I didn't understand something. It hurt. He called me stupid and I said sarcastically thanks. My whole day went meh, and here he is hurting me. Like seriously? Sometimes I hate guys like this. How much longer till this day is over? Well i will be going to bed when I am done typing this.

OH, one thing i forgot to say is my history teacher was supposed to be due for her baby yesterday, SUnday. But she is still there, and she is being very mean and strict and I don't like it at all. We are doing group projects and we left our folder on the table and forgot to put it back in the right place. SHe got mad at it and was asking if we wanted lunch detentions. I hate that. I mean I get the whole hormonal pregnancy mood swings but yeah... I believe she should take the day off instead of being commited to not missing a day of teaching. I mean she is a good teacher but come on... she is pregnant and is probably due anytime...

Anyways that is how my day went. It's only Monday so I hope my Meh day will only happen one day and the rest of the week is better. I'm staying strong even though so many things pester and bother me.

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