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Confession #5

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Confession #5: "She's falling apart, waiting for superman to pick her up."

Today was normal. No depressed me, no amazing day, just a normal day with a lot of laughter and giggles and fun moments with my robotics team. I mean they literally made me almost pee in my pants, I laughed that hard. I couldn't breathe.

Today, my geometry teacher brought her little baby. OMG SHE IS SO FREAKIN ADORABLE I JUST CAN'T LIKE AHHHHHHH!!! Anyways she left after announcements but her husband came and it was such a cute family moment. She kissed her daughter and her husband beofre teaching us. I really want to have a family like that. They are adorable together and it was so cute! :)

Anyways so as I am typing this, my mom asked me what I want to be when I grow up, I want to be a forensic scientist and be a teacher. I want to be both. My mom only supports me in teaching but not in forensic scientist because they analyze the dead and investigate the crime scene. She is scared idk why.

I just want to be who I want to be. She took a lot of things away from me. I don't want her to take my identity. No one can and no one will. You know? I just feel bothered a little. I want to do things that I want to do not do things what people reccomend me to do. Ya know?

Anyways, my day was normal except I was laughing like a hyena at robotics. I mean we were programming and having so much fun! There was a camera in the robot and everyone was waving and making silly faces, it was hilarious! Hahahaha just thinking about that makes me smile and laugh! :P

Oh, and some people at this school are so rude. Like this girl was getting out of class and I came to class. The bell rang and you know some people talk to their teachers before they go to their next class? Yeah she was one of those people. So I sort of walk and make my way around the maze of desks and there is this girl that is blocking my row of desks. You know I am little slow at times... so I just stood there for maybe like a couple seconds and then I moved. As she moved to the doorway, I can heat her muttering:

"You know my life would be easier if you moved away faster."

Like seriously in this high school, almost EVERYONE IS RICH. I'm not. They have their stuck up attitudes and act like they are superior than everyone else. I hate this disrespect. Like I get it I'm a nerd, I get it, I don't walk like a stripper which most girls do, so I am considered uncool.

I'm nice once you get to know me. No one gave me a chance to be their friend. I swear to god, I know how to treat a friend right. Just no one thinks I can. I'm small and unnoticed and I'm okay with it. For now, I will stay unnoticed. One day I will roar and I'm planning to do that soon.

Behind I can hear my mom laughing with my brother. Someday I will create wonderful memories with mom too. But now, she becomes irrational and blames me. I'm her scapegoat. I'm not okay with that, but then again, I have you guys with me. Someday, everything will be right.

But for now, I will fall apart and wait for my Superman to pick me up one day.

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