Confession #37

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Confession #37: I think I finally learned how to let go of things and not be hurt.

Well I let go of him. 100%. I severed the tie, the loving bond that I clung on to oh so dearly. I talked to him. I asked him what was up in the most calmly unbiased unopnionated way. He simply stated he was busy. I'm still confused as to whether he means it or is lying. Then again he normally never lies. But then again, even if he was busy he can't just stop caring for a person he used to be really really close with...

I'm not sure, but I'm not even going to dwell or dig deeper into this situation. I'm just gonna let it go because hey! THE COLD NEVER BOTHERED ME ANYWAY XD

But in all reality and seriousness, I'm just gonna let it go. Yeah, I still like him. Yeah I crave to hug him one more time. But ya'now that I won't. Maybe I was the one who fell deeper caz hey, I really craved for love. And I loved love like chocolate. It had its bitter hints but  overall it was smooth and creamy and just blissful and delicious.

It was time for me to say goodbye. So I did. Goodbye con con <3 I shall try to move on like you have.

That guy I swear to god is the strongest guy I have ever met. I'm his first girlfriend and he is oalready over me.

I am so pathetic lol xD

Yeah so well I guess I will end it here since I am shedding some tears.

I will be fine. I promise. <3

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