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Confession #70

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Confession #70: I have mixed feelings about my Junior year

Hi everyone, I'm sorry that it has been a while since I've written here, I was on a vacation to visit my family who live in south Asia. It was such a fun experience and so worth the 21 hour flight plus the 6-8 hour layover. I just came back home and jet lag is killing me so I am wide awake at 11:30 pm haha. I feel as if I should clear my thoughts before I go to bed.

So school is starting in about a week or so and I don't know whether I am excited or not ready for it. I am going to be a junior. That means a lot of stress and hard classes and work. I'm also not feeling confident. All of you have been through the struggles I have had for Freshman and Sophmore year. I hope this year is going to go by well for me. I really hope so. All my years have sucked. I feel out of place. My mind is out of place. One time I am so excited for school and so happy but the next I'm crying because I'm scared what the year will have in store for me... Does this happen to everyone? I don't have any confidence and I'm trying have at least some.

Another reason that I'm scared is that our schedules came out today and no one I know has class with me. There's only like one or two classes that I know someone close there. I hope I make friends. People say that I should have no problem in making friends since I am happy and bright and nice. But the thing is, people intimdate me. I have problem with ppl. People in my life break me more than people who make me.

So I guess overall I'm just scared. And frustrated. And just like lonely xD

I should go since my mom's yelling at me to get off the computer.

Mothers xD

Night everyone. Thanks for sticking by me.

Love you all <3

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