Confession #92

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Confession #92: I need to let go.

This is a letter to all the people that were eager friends at first, but stopped talking to me in general. (scratch that, it's about one person in particular)

Dear you,

We actually talked for not very long. You leaned on to me when you needed me and I did too, but all of a sudden it stopped. I had to begin the conversation and only then did you carry it out. We don't talk much like we used to, we didn't open up like we used to. It's done.

I just feel weird and stupid. I see you bonding with someone else. What was our connection then? Was it some half-ass attempt at a friendship? I know I'm awkward, I know I'm very self conscious of things so maybe I'm blaming too many things at fault.

But, for my mental health, I think it's time to say goodbye and let you go. To think that in the amount of time we've talked, I actually kinda liked you. I can get over you, it's fine. I'm just amazed at how quickly I became attached, maybe it is my fault for trying to help and sympathize with you.

But it's going to be okay. I've got a best friend, who always looks out for me. I've got a friend group that will always take care of me. It's not like I need you, but the thing that we had going on, with the conversations, was nice. I liked it. And hell, if you ever feel like shit, my door is always open, even though you're closing it right now. I've deleted the messages, took a deep breath and I'm telling myself that I will be okay.

Because I will be, I'm always am in the end :)


Your friend,


Omg, writing this made me feel so much better :) I need to let go of the people who don't take my friendship seriously, maybe I'm being overdramatic with this one, but it's totally worth it. My emotions get too overwhelmed at times so this is what I'm saying in my letter.

And Hell, it's my diary, so I should be able to say whatever. (Although I'm trying to be as discreet as possible when it comes to talking about people as there are people at my school who read this)

Ily all,

Taz xx

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