Confession #7

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Confession #7: I'm living in the moment :)

Today I was in the whole I don't care what ppl say. I don't care if people read this, help me, I am fighting. I'm learning through my barriers. I have a test tomorrow, but I am in the mood to not study and study when I get to bed. I feel beautiful and I am feeling so confident about myself.

These days are pretty rare but ya know, GOTTA ENJOY THEM WHEN YOU GOT THE CHANCE! I am in the mood to dance, lose myself in the music, sing, and write.

Writing is my soul. It is my destiny. God only gave me hands to write words with. No matter what I have, I have words. I can make someone feel happier or someone to be ashamed. Words are powerful. Words plus feeling plus music makes me feel a heck lot better.

Sometimes I question myself why I posted this online diary. A lot of people probably ignore this because they probably think I am just an attention bish. THANKS PEOPLE FOR IGNORING ME AND HATING ME! :) You made me stronger.

Today, this guy checked me out, (not the good way) he checked me out in disgust. DID I CARE? NO. I AM FED UP WITH PPL LIKE THAT. I already have everyone expecting so much from me. I haven't filled my shoes yet. I have upset my parents a lot.

Seriously, I have been judged, insulted, called ugly, called a bitch, called so many names so many horrible gossip going through me. I HAVE BEEN THROUGH HELL, BUT I DON'T CARE. I AM A SURVIVOR. I CAN SUFFER THROUGH THIS. I can do this.

I am on a role today! AHAHAHAHAAHHA Sorry I feel so unconditionally happy. I feel so strong like words can't imagine.

Anyone who is suffering through what I am, or maybe worse, PM me caz ya know life sucks I know it, and we all know it. WE just need someone to talk to. I get that. Sometimes I feel so alone it hurts but come on give it a try. It won't hurt ya. Trust me. Or just lose yourself in music.

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