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I woke up to Daniel staring at me with a worried look "What?" I asked worriedly "Ju-just don't look in the mirror" Daniel said rubbing his neck. I dashed straight to the bathroom and looked at my face then neck. "DANIEL JAMES SEAVEY!" I yelled as he was laughing. "Listen you don't have to kill me" he said nervously "I couldn't hell myself" he said smiling awkwardly "YEA BUT HOW WILL I HIDE THIS hickey FROM THE GUYS" I yelled "Hey what's with all of the yelling?" Jonah asked as I put my hair on my shoulders "Nothing were good" I said quickly "Okay cool and Ashley?" He asked "Yea" I said "Nice hickey" he said shutting the door and laughing as I rolled my eyes "See" I whined"Just cover it with makeup" he said simply "Yea I guess" I said doing exactly that. When I went downstairs I sat downstairs at the barstool watching my fingers play with each other "Hey" Zach said "Hi" I say "What's going on with you?" He asked switching my hair off my shoulders "Oh my gosh that's big" Zach said laughing "What?" I asked " MY BESFRIEND GOT A HICKEY!!" Zach yelled while Daniel choked off his water "Nice one Daniel" Corbyn said as the rest of the boys laughed as I rolled my eyes "Next one who laughs is dead" I said turning and they all stopped instantly "I love you but stop scaring my friends away" Daniel said which made me slap him.
"That hickey is pretty nice" he said pecking the hickey softly "Daniel" I whispered "Stop" I said pushing him back. "I'm proud" He said "Listen I'm trying to eat in peace here" Jack said pouring some milk in the bowl of cereal he had.  "Yea you're so right" I said standing up and going upstairs. "Love where are you going?" Daniel asked, "Home" I said pecking his lips. "I'm coming" he said grabbing his phone. "Okay" I agreed and we both walked there talking about random things. I never knew I would find the boy I genuinely love, "Daniel Seavey I love you so much" I slipped out cutting him off "That's was so random" he said swinging our intertwined hands. "I love you too" He said kissing my forehead. "I don't even know the point of me going home" I said as we were still walking "Yea it is pretty boring" He said honestly "True....wait does that mean I'm boring?!?!" I asked stopping "No" He said not looking me in the eye "You are such a liar" I said bumping into his shoulder "But I never said anything" he says smiling "Yea whatever" I say walking faster "How about we go to Pink berry?" He asked "Uh sure" I said having no idea what he was talking about. When we got there I found out it was a frozen yogurt place. I ordered vanilla with sprinkles, Daniel ordered some weird combination that I didn't ask him about. "Your combination is soo basic" He said taking a spoon of my yogurt "Hey!" I yelled snatching it away. "Yours looks terrible it's to many things on one" I say tasting his "And I thought I was the picky eater" he says as I roll my eyes "Technally you should be a weird eater because a) you love bananas and watermelon, and b) you hate chocolate" I said as we were walking threw a park. "So you're all people who love bananas and watermelons are picky eaters?" He asked "No that's not what I said" I say finding a trashcan successfully. So did Daniel because his was melting terribly. "All this frozen yogurt is going to ruin my six pack" Daniel said rubbing his stomach "What six pack?You mean 4 pack" I said patting his stomach."You are really mean" he says wrapping his arm around my shoulders.
"Daniel?Why'd you still it" I asked
"Steal what?" He asked in confusion
"My heart" I said  
"You stole mine first" he said kissing my cheek.
"Lets go" Daniel said grabbing my hand heading towards my house. We finally got to my house and I turned on the tv watching Netflix specifically Supernatural. "I heard this show was creepy" Daniel said sitting next to me "It is but who wouldn't want to look at Dean and Sam all day there hot" I said feeling Daniels stare on me "Oh and I also love Tyler Posey and Dylan O'Brian I could just go on....." I said sighing dreamingly. I loved teasing Daniel, I could tell her was mad because didn't respond. "Daniel I'm kidding" I said but he continued to watch the show "Daniellll" I said pausing the show. He still didn't answer so I sighed heading to the stairs but he grabbed my rist and pulled me back down and cuddle into."I knew you couldn't resist" I said kissing his cheek.

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