My cousin(Bonus Chapter)

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PS. This chapter might be a little short.
After Daniel and I finally made up, we decided to take an us time with just him and I. We were currently walking down the streets of Hollywood. Not knowing where we were going. All we knew was that we were in love with each other. "Daniel how are you so talented?" I asked as we were walking hand in hand. " see it all started with when I was just a little wittle Daniel an—"Okay never mind" I say realizing what I was getting my into. "How rude" he says bumping into me "Hey!" I yell punching his shoulder "Was that suppose to hurt?" Daniel asked stopping at a restaurant with outside tables. "Um why couldn't we just go to Chipotle?" I asked looking at the menu "Well because I love to spoil you" He says grabbing my hand "I know..but this is really how about we split a meal, aren't you eating healthy anyways?" I say "That's actually pretty smart I never thought of splitting food to pay less..another reason why I'm in love with you" He says smiling "Hello I will be you waiter today what would  you like for your drink and meal." Our waitress says writing down what we ordered. "I just noticed how bummy I look" I mumble to myself "Really? I always enjoy this look on you it's beautifully adoring" He says staring at me dreamily "What are you thinking about?" I asked staring in his ocean orbs. "You don't wanna know what I'm thinking." He says winking flirtatiously at me. Which made me turn the slightest shade of red as the waitress came with everything.
After eating Daniel really wanted me to listen to the bands new song Trust Fund Baby. (I don't wanna a girl who gets a car for her sweet sixteen...Who heard their new song. It took a while for me to get use to it but it's catchy plus Ed Sheeron wrote so wow) I really loved the song...but I felt a little uneasy because of the lyrics. Yes my dads rich and no I don't have a real job other than modeling but that song  made me realize that moving to living in L.A. for awhile really changed me so I'm going to turn back into regular Ashley who wears t-shirts and no makeup. "So how'd you like the song?"  Daniel asked waiting for a response "It was great! Corbyn spat some fire" I said laughing at myself "And you guys are lucky you met Ed Sheeron" I say sitting on my couch. We decided to go to the Wdw house and chill there. Suddenly my phone started to ring and it was my cousin Piper calling "Hey" I said calmly "OH MY GOSH...ZACH HERRON JUST FOLLOWED ME ON ALL MY SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS!!" She yelled so loud the I had to remove the phone from my ear. "Okay?" I asked confused at why she was so excited "OKAY?...MY FRICKIN CELEB CRUSH JUST FOLLOWED ME AND NOW I HAVE HIS NUMBER!" She screams "Well could ya stop blowing my eardrums out" I say. "Hey Zach are you texting my cousin?" I asked looking at him "Uh yea all I texted was  'Yo this is Zach'" he says looking back at me "Well to her that is practically saying...will you go out with me" I say laughing "Well I guess me and her are dating then" he joked then I heard my cousin scream "HOLY CRAP!!" so I told her to call me later. "Great Zach now my cousin thinks you two are a 'thing' now she's gonna look so dumb" I say shaking my head "Well at least we'll look dumb together" he says which made me shake my head once more. Only Zach Herron I thought grinning.
Hope you enjoy this little funny chapter. should really read my new book Bullied it's a Zach Herron fanfic.

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