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Today was the day Daniel met my whole family sadly. I was nervous and he wasn't how is that even possible I felt bad because he wanted to come to my family dinner instead of me coming to his. "Daniel are you sure you don't want to go home?" I asked, "No it's fine I want to" he said reassuringly while grabbing both of my hands to kiss them. "And your family is ok with this?" I asked and he nodded "Ok then" I said pulling my suitcase down the stairs "I know you guys will miss me so I'll give you all hugs anyways" I said dramatically "Yea sure we'll miss you" Jonah said "Oh Jonah you know you're gonna miss me" I said hugging him tightly "Yea I guess so" He said laughing."Bye Corbyn bye Jack" I said hugging them both "Zach tell your family I said hi" I say hugging him "We have to take a trip to Texas next week" Zach whispered. "Definitely" I whispered back letting go.
We went to the airport and waited a long time "Dani I'm bored" I said laying on his shoulder "Here" he said handing me his Instagram story "Hi I'm taking over Daniel's Instagram story" I said smiling "Right now we're on our way to see my family as and I'm really bored" I said stretching "I'm about to slap Daniel" I whispered to the camera and I sat up like I was doing nothing "Ready" I whispered and I slapped him and started laughing "Ouch!" He said rubbing his cheek and he took my phone and tapped me on the cheek "Oh really?" I asked raising my eyebrows and he nodded and that means.........WAR!!!. We looked so stupid having a slap war. They finally called our flight and we got up to do all the airplane stuff. We got on the airplane and got seats next to each other.
The flight was only a couple hours long so I stayed up because of my nervousness while Daniel was asleep. The ride was over amd the weather was in the middle not to hot but no to cold. "You ready?" I asked and he nodded kissing my forehead. We got in ans Uber to my house and I saw my mom waiting for us outside on the porch. "Hey guys!" She said kissing my cheek and Daniel's "Well hello Elizabeth" He said connecting their arms in a loop I can't believe they get along so well I thought while walking in the house. "Okay I'm gonna go change and everything upstairs" I said pulling my luggage up "Let me help you with that love" Daniel said grabbing mine and his suitcases and pulling them upstairs. "I swear you have the coolest room ever" Daniel said jumping on my bed "Hey don't mess my bed up" I said getting my outfit out and ready. I went in the shower and did my hair plus makeup, while I changed in the bathroom. I put my hair in a tight high bun.

"You look nice" Daniel said biting his nail "Daniel stop doing that you look too hot" I said getting my shoes "I'm the only hot one in this room" Daniel whispered as his lips brushed my ear which gave me shivers while he kissed my neck softly maki...

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"You look nice" Daniel said biting his nail "Daniel stop doing that you look too hot" I said getting my shoes "I'm the only hot one in this room" Daniel whispered as his lips brushed my ear which gave me shivers while he kissed my neck softly making my stomach churn. "Daniel....stop" I whispered and I turned around towards his face and his lips hovered over mine "You're wearing my necklace" he says lips brushing against mine "Whatever just kiss me already" I said looking into his eyes as we kept looking at my lips. Sadly he only gave me a peck because he had to shower and change. Time was passing by and more and more family memebers were getting here greeting Daniel and I but mostly asking Daniep questions. "Get ready your cousins are coming" Mom said happily, then all of my cousins came in "OMG hi!!" Kate said hugging me "Who are you!?" She asked winking at me "This is my boyfriend" I said intertwining our hands "Hi Piper" I said to my younger cousin "Oh h-IS THAT DANIEL SEAVEY FROM WHY DON'T WE!!" She yelled but nobody really cared "I love your band so much can you sign my phone case take me to L.A. with you one day if you don't I will cry" she said so fast that she ran out of breath "Yes I will sign your phone" he said and she handed him a pen "And I'll also follow you on every social media and since you're a family member of  Ashley then you can get my number too" he said kissing her cheek "Oh My GOSHHH!" She yelled walking away. "Really?" I asked walking away "What!?" He said following me. We finally got our plates of food and we all are dinner, Corbyn made a Instagram story saying I hope your feasting and stuff....and Daniel replied he is while he was holding a piece of turkey. We had fun with my family and old friends I also forgot about my nerves.

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