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.........I was still walking but I don't where to no one texted me since. Honestly I don't really know because I turned my phone off. How could someone go to best friends to frenemies? I actually could care less. I don't even know why I'm mad. I made my way to the beach because this is my second calm place and I guess Daniel knew because he was calling my name.  Minutes later I saw Daniel running to me "Ashley! There you are"  he said standing in front of me  "Ashley Seavey why would you run off like that?" He asked but what distracted me was what he called me Ashley Seavey? What the heck "Answer m-" he started but I cut him off "Wait what did you just call me?" I asked as he looked confused then he started turning red "Oh I uh...I di...." He tried saying "Dani it's okay" I said standing up "I didn't mean to say that out loud" He said but less red now "Do you really love me enough to get married?" I asked truthfully then there was a silence "Ashley I-" "Actually don't answer that" I said quickly then there was a silence
"Yes" He said turning towards me "Because  I hope this relationship lasts a long time" He said looking at me. After that moment it  was a comfortable silence, the moon was hitting Daniel's face perfectly and eyes "Daniel why is your  face so a perfect" I said which made him look at me "What?" He asked then I squished his face with my fingers "God sculpted you perfectly" I said,
"No that's not true you're way more perfect then I am from head to toe" He said while I rolled my eyes Playfully "We should get going" Daniel said opening his hand while intertwined them. As we walking back to the resteraunt my feet were killing me "Daniellll?" I said.
"Whattt" he said copying me "My feet are hurting" I whined stopping
"Hop on" He said bending down and I did.
"Why do you girls wear objects that look like a weapon." He asked and I chuckled
"We where them for looks" I responded as I layed my head on him "Well that's dumb" He said and we ended that conversation when we saw the resteraunt. Zach and Faith we're waiting outside the limo "Oh my gosh Ashley are you okay I thought you were lost!" He said running to me "I'm  fine" I said rolling my eyes. We went in the limo to drop off Faith, we dropped her off and Zach walked her out. I didn't want to watch he finally got back in with puffy lips and red cheeks. Geez did they make out that long I thought giving him a death stare then he looked at me and I looked the other way. The drive finally stopped at their house and we all got out and went in the house "So how was you're double date?" Jack asked while he was on Instagram live "It was whatever" I responded walking upstairs I changed into a lazy outfit taking my makeup off and removing my contacts. I went into Daniel's room  and just explored I was looking on his shelf until I found two cool looking bracelets I debated in my head whether I should put them on or not but I did anyway. They looked nice with my skin tone for the first time in forever I mumbled silently walking downstairs and I saw Jack still live so I grabbed a hair tie on my other arm and put his hair in a ponytail "Well I guess I have a new hairstylist" He said looking at the camera.
"How do I look?" he asked turning towards me "You look beautiful" I said laughing at his goofy smile "I know I do" he says looking up at me 'ship' I saw one comment say then another said 'look up Jack's cover to Blurred Lines' "Wait nooo!!" He yelled reading that comment and I instantly had my phone out searching it once I found it I tried hard containing my laughter when it ended I gave a clap to him "That was greattt!!" I said with fake excitement as hell rolled his eyes. The live ended shortly  because it was getting really late. I saw Daniel in his room searching for something "Daniel what are you looking for?" I asked him sitting on his bed "I'm looking for-" he stopped when he looked at my arm and then I lookee at it "Are those mine!" He said and I nodded "G-give them back now" he said eyes becoming darker before he got even morw angry I took them off quickly "Daniel I'm s-"  I got cut with him saying "No just please get out" He said quietly and I left out to the guest room.
I know I know it's been awhile since I updated but enjoy btw I got some great ideas.

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