Meeting A New Friend

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I woke and went to the bathroom to look at myself. I had mascara dripping and tear stains so I went to take a long bath until I heard a knock on my door I didn't answer then the person kept it going untill I got out and dry off. I then put my robe on and opened the door it was Daniel so I shut it immediately and hoped he wouldn't keep trying and he opened the door himself "what Daniel" I said with my back turned" "I just wanted to tell you that I got a girlfriend and I hope you can be friends with her" he said trying to be nice "no just leave me alone" I said pushing him out hardly and slamming my door. After that I changed my clothes and washed my hair and brushed it so that my hair would just be natural today I did no makeup because I wasn't really in the mood. I checked my bathroom and there wasn't any tissue so I walked straight out to go to a small store it wasn't really far so I went to get some tissue and bumped into someone "oh sorry" she said "no sorry to you" I said laughing "I'm Ashley or Ash" I said shaking her hand "I'm Alyssa Clarkson" she said and we laughed again "So do you live around here?" she asked "um nope I live in Michigan" I said starting to walk to the cashier then she followed to ring her stuff up too "well see you around" I said walking away and she waved. Wow she was really nice I said while walking back to the house. When I went inside I saw Jack eating something so I ran and scared him and he fell to the ground while I was laughing "hey Jack" "yea" he said "can you teach me how to skateboard" I asked helping him up "sure you just need kneepads,elbow pads, and a helmet" he said and I surprisingly had all of that stuff he said then I changed my shoes to some sneakers and came out with all the stuff and he took me to my front yard and got two skateboards. Then he taught how to get on and he put his hands on my waist which made me smile and we started going and helet me go and I had it at first then I fell off but didn't hurt myself but he ran to help me up "are you ok?" " yes I'm ok thanks" then we had a moment. We were both staring at each other for some time and then he looked at my arm "are you bleeding" "oh I am well I need a bandaid or something" "come on I'll clean it for you"he said and I followed him in the house to the bathroom and we got the mini safety kit he took out the bandaid and wiped my arm off with water gently and put the bandaid on my arm. "There ya go" he said, "thanks" I replied and we had another moment where we were super close to each other then he started to lean in and I didn't know what to do so I did the same then the door flew open and Jack and I bumped heads followed with an ouch. The person who came in was Daniel "oops sorry" he said "it's fine" Jack and I said at the same time we both laughed "are you guys done I have to pee" Daniel said, but I just ignored him and walked out. As I was standing in the hallway someone covered my mouth and pulled me in a room "ARE YOU CRAZY!!!" I said yelling and it was Daniel. A put my hand on my heart and started breathing so heavely "Ash why are you ignoring me" he said "A. don't call me Ash B. can we not talk about this" I said while heading to the door "wait" then I stopped and turned around "now what" I said getting impatient. Then he took me by surprise and hugged me I returned it then I left the room and went downstairs to an empty room.

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