The Hate

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I woke from my phone dinging 'kill yourself' I saw in my dm's. I looked over at Daniel and kissed his head softly. I went into the bathroom to read some more without waking up Daniel from my crying. "I can't believe Daniel is dating an pig" I read to myself, "Really she's probably dating him for followers just gained over a million" I read. 'Is he really dating a mixed girl common you can do better' another said I was just constantly reading and reading until I noticed I was crying. I know I shouldn't let this get to me but.....I couldn't take it anymore. "You're fat and you also need way more makeup" I whispered the comment to myself. "Maybe they are right." I said looking at myself in the mirror. "Are you done yet I have to pee" Daniel said. So I silently walked out of the bathroom trying to hold in the tears sobe can go in the bathroom. As soon as he went in I started silently sobbing while walking around the room. Then I read a really hurtful coming and I almost fell to my knees but the same loving blue eyed boy caught me before I was on the floor "Oh my god what's wrong?" Daniel asked softly but I didn't want to tell him for some reason. So I wrapped my arms around his neck and cried in the crock of it. "What's going on?" He asked in a more serious tone "I-It's y-y-your f-f" but I was crying way to hard to finish "It's tbr fan isn't it.....I'm gonna put them in their place" he said angrily with his jaw clenching. It was hot when Daniel was angry. His eyes got darker which was pretty scary. As he sat on the bed he pulled on his lap sideways "I'm making a lonng one talks to my future wife that way" Daniel mumbled making me blush "Daniel what makes you think-or how am I even good enough to be 'your future wife' " I said making air quotes "Well because you're everything I look for in a girl...sweet,caring,humorous,supportive,beautiful,hot,loving,adorable and loyal...I would keep going but I have to write this paragraph to my fans" he said kissing my cheek.
When he was done tweeting I read and couldn't stop kissing him "I love you I love you I love you" I said giving him a tight squeeze "I love you more." He said smiling crazily "Why are you smiling like that?" I questioned looking into his ecstatic blue eyes, "I'm only smiling because I made you happier than before" He said trying to hide his smile "Can your boyfriend get a kiss" he said coming closer "Maybe?" I say leaning in...but I wanted to tease him so I kissed his cheek sweetly "You are NOT! Teasing me this time" he said cupping my cheeks and and kissing me roughly. I was a little taken back at first because he never did this before...but I just went along with it. He pulled away biting my lip softly causing me to breathe in deeply then when I opened my eyes he winked at me smirking "I hate you" I say pushing him away as he laughed falling backwards on the bed pulling me down with him but I sat up staring into his vibrant eyes "Ashl-Holy Frick!!" I heard a familiar voice of Jonah yell "What?" I asked getting up from Daniel "Ashley aren't you only sixteen?!" Jonah yelled, "Daniel what have you done with my child!!" Jonah joked hugging my head because of his tallness. "How'd you get in?" I asked,"Daniel gave the rest of the guys and I a spare key" he said "But that still doesn't explain what you two were about to do" Jonah says walking back downstairs. "Guys they're in here!" Jonah yelled and a whole bunch footsteps were coming up. "So you did take my Gucci slides!" Corbyn yelled looking in my closet "Whattt?Those are mine" I lied, "Sure then how come they're my size?" He asked suspiciously "Fineee you caught me" I say handing them back. "So what are you guys doing here?" I asked, "We are bored so let's have our traditional movie nightt" Zach said putting his arm around my shoulders so I put mine around his waist. "I'll order pizzas!!" I yelled going downstairs. "What movie this time?" I asked out of boredom "How about Highschool musical?" Corbyn asked earning a death glare from all of us "Ok fine what about binge watching Stranger Things?" He asked and we thought that choice was more reasonable.

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