Little Crush

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I woke up in a bad mood and I don't know why. Maybe I didn't get a lot of sleep today? I asked myself sitting up and looking to my right Daniel was gone. We were in L.A. and I slept at their house as usual. I got up took a shower skipped hair and makeup and threw on some clothes. Well I did put on a little mascara but that's it and I threw some shades on. I went downstairs to find all of the boys just chilling on the couch or in the kitchen "Morning!" Daniel said, while pecking me on the lips "Your lips taste sweet like a...a dessert" he said smiling and I gave him a soft smile but I dropped it because I still wasn't in the mood. I turned around only to run into Jack, we had on the exact same outfit even his jeans were ripped and he had on shades. We looked at each other up and down weirdly but I shook it off. I glanced at Zach who was staring at me because I haven't said a word to anyone yet. "So how was your morning?" Corbyn asked knowing I wasn't in the mood and I gave him a look "Ok fine I'll leave you alone" Corbyn said raising his hands up. I went back to the guest room "Hey" Daniel said sitting next to me "Heyyy talk to me" Daniel said, looking at me. Then it was silent "Did I do something?" He asked sadly then I felt bad "No Daniel" I said looking into his eyes "Then what is it?" he asked "I don't know I'm just not in a good mood, maybe it's the plane ride here or something....." I said falling back on my bed. "Maybe you should taken a nap" He suggested "Yea maybe" I said closing my eyes.
~2 hours later~
I woke up very confused. I didn't have any sunglasses on anymore and I was ticked in with Daniel's sweatpants on. I got up and I went downstairs "Wow I never seen anyone take a nap for that long" Corbyn said, "Yeah sure where's Daniel?" I asked, "It seems like you never care for us anymore" Jack said wiping a fake tear "He's upstairs "Thanks and I love you guys too" I said walking upstairs to his room. I opened  the door and found Daniel on his phone he was so focused on it "Daniel.." I whispered "Aghh! Oh it's just you" he said turning red "So whatcha doing on there?" I asked scooting close to him so close that our legs were touching "Ugh...I-um" he stuttered loss of words because of how close we were "You can tell me anything Daniel" I whispered in his ear while brushing my lips against them "See that wont work on me" he whispered back winking at me. "Fine" I said sitting on the floor "Daniel did you change my clothes?" I asked staring at the ceiling "Yes" he said, "Sooo are you coming to Jacob's party with me? Yes okay" I said not letting him argue and walked out.
I was getting ready for the party tonight and Daniel didn't want to come sadly. But...Jonah is coming with me!! I did not wear a dress today because I don't want to.

I met Mona at the door and we left the drive was a little long so I texted Daniel the whole time

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I met Mona at the door and we left the drive was a little long so I texted Daniel the whole time. We finally got there and the music was loud but the party wasn't reckless thank the lord for that. "Hey you made it" Jacob said blushing "Yea why wouldn't I" I said hugging him "You look nice" hear said "Thanks so do you and nice party" I said and I walked inside more "Ashley!!" I heard someone say and it was Ariel "Oh hey!" I said hugging everyone I knew there. "So I heard Jacob has a little crush on you Blake said and I laughed "No seriously he just told me" Blake said, and I went to find a Jacob. "So a little birdie told me that you like me" I said to him causing him to blush "Y-yea and I would like you to be in my one of my music videos" he said shyly "Ugm sure what song?" I asked "No music" He said "Okay just text me the date and I be there "Really that's awesome!!" He said hugging me "Your welcome" I said kissing his cheek. Jonah met some of my other friends and we stayed for a little longer and we went back to their house. "Hey did you guys have fun?" Jack asked and I nodded while heading upstairs. "Hey Daniel" I said smiling "Hello" he said looking back down on his phone. I kissed him on the cheek and he didn't even notice so I went to sleep.
I'm backkkk!!!! Guess who's going to see Why Don't We this girl right here😂😂🖤

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