Broken Hearts

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I was finally landing with Zach and I couldn't wait to see Daniel. Zach and I got out and ordered a Uber to my house so I could change my clothes and do my makeup. After I was done we went to the Why Don't We house"Yoo were back!!" Zach yelled at the three boys "Where's Daniel?" I asked and their expressions and it wasn't a good one "He's at the beach with...." Corbyn started "With who?" I asked crossing my arms "With uhh Lovey" Jack mumbled but I could hear and I dashed outside the door running straight to the beach. When I got there I could here giggles from afar,I was walking closer and I could see MY boyfriend holding another girl in his arms and almost kissing her.  "Daniel?! Is that you?!" I yelled holding back tears threatening to spill. "Ashley you're back?" He asked walking to me he looked pale "Yea" I said voice cracking "Look i-it's not what it looks like" he says cupping my cheek "Oh really!!" I yelled snatching his hand off "Oh I bet you were having so much fun" I said kinda to myself "What did I do?" I say putting my hand on my cheek"Was I not good enough?" I mumbled. Then I felt angry "You know what?!!HERE take the stupid ring back I guess promise rings aren't for everyone!!Oh and go give it to her because I guess she's your new forever and always!!" I yelled throwing it at him and running away even though he was screaming my name. I turned back to see him on his knees just staring at the ring, How could this happen? I didn't even leave for a week..that's why he never texted or called because he was occupied, but out of all girls why HER!? I thought running inside my house and  flying on my bed where I finally broke down  because of my hurting heart. I got over 50 calls from Daniel but I don't think I can talk you him without breaking down even more. I called Ariel because we've grown closer. I told her everything and she came straight over. "Come on"She said opening her arms and I let it all out in her arms. After her pep talk she had to go pack for her trip. As she walking out Zach was coming in and engulfede in a huge tight loving hug, then I started sniffling with tears still dripping. That's when he started softly rubbing my back "Zach I-I" I started but Zach sushed me because I couldn't talk that well. "I feel like I lost everything!!" I yelled flopping face first on the couch. "I don't think he meant to" Zach said sitting next to me, "Sure" I say sitting up next to him laying my head on his shoulder. "Zach?..." I asked, "Yea" he answered "Thank you for coming" I said looking at him who was already looking at me "Of course I would come over to check on you you're my best friend and I love you" he says looking into my eyes then lips as he leaned. So I did too do I really want to do this? I asked myself maybe I'm hurt I thought until our lips finally connected. It felt good, then I broke the kiss "S-sorry" Zach whispered with our foreheads touching. "No it's okay" I whispered back as we kissed again and then again.

Zach's P.O.V.
"No! I can't do this to you" I yelled holding her face. Even though I wanted this so bad I couldn't she was to broken right now, so I cuddled with her even though she was lightly crying. I was comforting her as much as I can. "Zach?" She asked softly "Yes" I answered, "Kiss me" She said "W-what?" I asked stuttering "Oh my god just do it" she says forcefully, I've never seen this side of her but it's kinda hot. So I did what she said and it might've or might've not turned into a minny make out session, but we stopped shortly because it was getting kinda late. "Im gonna hwad home" I said "Ok bye" she says hugging me followed with a kiss on the cheek. Making me turn red, I ordered an Uber home while smiling madly. "Wow Zach if you smile even harder your cheeks are gonna fall off." Corbyn joked "Yeah" I say dreamily. That night I slept like an angel.
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