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Today was music video day for Personal I've practicing the choreography it was fun. So in the video you have two sides, Harvey's side and the Loren's side basically like highschool movies. I was gonna be on Loren's side because he thinks I looked like a cheerleader. I was really nervous for the dance battle part so I was practicing really early in the morning. I was finally done practicing;I took a shower and did everything I needed for the video. Harvey sent me the time and place "Morning" I said coming downstairs. "Why are you up this early?" Daniel asked "Well I'm gonna be in another music video for another do I look?" I asked "You look nice" he says "You've been busy huh?" He asked and I nodded "When you get back we are.taking a couples hike because I love hikes" he said oddly. "What are you really up to?" I asked putting my hands on the counter table coming closer "I saw you and your 'friend' Jacob's music video" Daniel said resting his face in his hand. "Oh" I said walking to the door "Wait not a goodbye kiss ouch!" He said putting his hand over his heart. i stopped and turned around and kissed him"Bye"I said already out of the door. I got an Uber to the place. Harvey was waiting for me "Hey chicken nugget" he said fluffing my hair "Wassup english muffin" I say and we walk in. Don't ask about our nicknames. "So you're gonna be wearing this" he said pulling out a cheerleader outfit "Wow that's a short skirt I should've shaved" I mumbled to myself "Harvey who is this?" Loren asked nicely "Loren this chi-Ashley" He said "Hi Loren nice to finally meet Harvey talks about you so much" I ssid shaking her hand "Good things I hope" she said "All good " I said going to try the outfit on. It was pretty short and fitting. But for the first half I'm in my regular clothes then the other half I'm in a cheerleader outfit. "Wait is that Ashley!?!?!" Blake yelled "Yep in the flesh" I said smiling while hugging him "Nice uniform Blake" I said gesturing to his Jock outfit "Yea I'm excited for this video" he says "Ashley!" Ariel yelled and I ran over to hug her. After I greeted some of my friends we got straight to business.
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The video was done and I gotta give Harvey points on this song it's so catchy and fun. As I was trying to catch my breath I felt someone put me over their shoulder "Who is this!" I shrieked "This is Blake Gray" he said. "I really appreciate it if you put me down "Aaron grab her phone!" Blake yelled "What?No!!" I yelled but I felt him pull it out of my hand "Hi Ashley's Insta story" Aaron said recording himself and Blake. "Now I'll put you down" He said and I finally went to go change. "Bye Guys and Harvey the song's is great by the way!" I yelled "Bye chicken nugget!" He yelled as I waved. I made perfect timing because it was still daylight.
Here's how the video turned out:

When I got home I changed into this

When I got home I changed into this

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And went to the guys house. The doored opened just before I was about to knock. "Great you here let's go for a walk!!" Daniel said excitingly. "I'm gonna hate you for this you know" I said as we walked off the porch. "Not when you see this" he said pulling me "Where are we going?" I asked as we kept walking "It's this place I want to take you when I take walks" he said and I sighed. We finally came to a shop at some flowery grassy area. "It's so pretty" I said running threw the flowers "Check out the lake" he said pulling me "It's beautiful" I said "Too bad we can't see the stars" Daniel said "I mean it's fine as long as I'm here with you" I said wrapping my arms around his neck "I feel the same way" he said sneaking his arms around my waist as he leaned in and kissed me then another kiss. It eventually got heated it turned into a makeout session until I pulled "Wow I can't believe we're making out in a field of flowers" I said  looking in his beautiful blue orbs "Yea" He whispered kissing my lip and I bit his lip lightly "Oh my goodness that's hot" he said adorably "Not as hot as you babe" I whispered "Oh really" he whispered on my neck as begin kissing it until I told him to stop "It's getting late" I said worriedly "Yea you're right" he said pecking my lips and we headed back home into the bed safely.

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