Prank Wars Pt.2

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I woke up to an empty bed weird O thought while getting up "Daniel!" I yelled but no answer he must've went home I thought. So I just shrugged it off and went into the bathroom "OH MY GOD DANIEL!BABE ARE YOU OKAY!!!?" I asked waiting for a response it was blood in the tub and on him too so I started crying and I grabbed my phone "You're gonna be fine I'm calling 911" I said when I walked out I felt two hands around my waist "HOLY MAMMATH!" I yelled turning around to see Daniel. I instantly hugged him so tight still silently crying "Please stop crying it was just a prank" Daniel whispered softly kissing my ear "Don't ever do that again" I said pushing him away "And go change and clean everything up" I said pulling me a random outfit out. He laughed and started to clean everything up then took a shower and changing. When he came out I took a shower and changed too, since I was still shook I didn't put effort in hair or makeup "Couple goals!" Daniel said while I looked at our outfits and I smiled lightly "You're still mad at me" he said coming closer and I didn't even react "But you gotta say...your reaction was priceless! And you called me babe" He said laughing and blushing at the same time "Babe sounds hot when you say it" Daniel whispered turning even more red. So I started laughing while going down the stairs "Daniel? How many pairs of these are you gonna buy!" I said as I saw a vans box on the counter "Until I stop getting grass staines or scratches" he said shrugging "Wait isn't that my hat I first had?" He asked, "Did you use my shampoo?" I asked smelling vanilla "Maybe" he said smiling shyly "Weirdo" I whispered "You wear my clothes and I'm the weirdo" he whispered pulling me by the waist "Because you are but I love it" I said continuing to walk "Stop walking away" Daniel says  grabbing me again "And I'm hungry" I said "I'm hungry too......for your kisses" he said while stopping me from walking again "Ughhh fine" I said turning around and kissing his cheek "Nope you missed" he said tightening his grip on me. "One.....two.....three....four" I said giving him a peck between each word, and he thought I was giving him a 5th one "Daniel? What are you doing!?" I asked laughing "I didn't do anything" he said turning red "You thought I was giving you another kiss" I said lightly pushing him away "Wait one more" he said kissing my neck softly "Daniel that tickles" I said laughing and he continued to plant soft little kisses on my neck "Stop it" I said going in my refrigerator "So-Daniel where'd you go stop playing games" I said peeling my banana "Boo!" He yelled and I turned around and slapped him in the face hardly "Oh my god I'm so sorry!!" I said as he held his now red cheek,then I started laughing "Actually I take that back that's what you get" I said stepping over his bodies but instead of walking here grabbed my ankle and I fell on top of him "You are so annoying Seavey!" I yelled getting up while he laughed. "I hate you" I said "Nah you love me" he said sitting down on the couch next to me "Yea you're right" I said sitting across his lap while I finished my banana. I got up to throw it away and I sat down again. I felt a stare and I turned towards Daniel "What?" I asked looking in his eyes "'re just beautiful" He said looking down and back up at me. His eyes were glowing off the sunlight I was so busy staring in them I didn't realize that he cupped my cheek and he started to lean in by this time our. noses were touching, I was speechless I couldn't talk or say anything so I kissed him and he kissed back. It felt we were moving in slow motion, I tried to put my hands threw his hair but I forgot he had his hat on so I put my hands under the hat which fell off. When I pulled away he smiled and put his forehead on my collarbone while our legs were tangled as I was hugging his head and I planted a kiss on his forehead "I like it when you hold me" he said looking up at me eyes still glistening "It's because you're a big baby" I said continuing to play with his hair "I love you" he whispered kissing my collarbone "You already know I love you" I said and he smiled laying back down "This position is kinda weird because you are taller than me" I said I said and he started laughing softly. Then I heard steady breathing "Are you sleeping?" I asked but no response "Seriously" I said.

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