Sunday Are My Chill Days

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This morning I woke up early to take an hour long bubble bath and it was so stressless untill my phone started buzzing so I just ignored it then it rang then buzzed so I looked and it was Zach he asked could he come and chill with me and I sent a yes to him and 2 minutes later I heard my doorbell ring. But I didn't move then it rung like 5 times nonstop so I got out of my bath dryed off and put some clothes on,dried my hair and put it in a bun. While walking downstairs I put on some gloss just because I can and opened the door "Zachhh what a surprise" I said sarcastically as possible. "Come in " I say as he comes in the house "wow you look great" he said while going in the fridge I chuckled lightly. "I took my speaker and turned on "Something Different" and we started dancing then he took my hands and we started dancing together to "Free" he twirled me and dipped me while I was took by surprise I gotta say that was kinda hot. Then he started to sing "Nobody Gotta Know" while looking at me and it was kinda cute so I took a snapchat of him and posted it to my story then I posted it to my Instagram story."can we take some pics for my Insta?" He asked hoping I would say yes I nodded and we started taking boomerang pics and then regular pics then we went up stairs to take a mirror pic in my room. It looked like this (With Ashley & Zach)

After posting the picture we turned the music off and made breakfast together which was pancakes,bacon and eggs

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After posting the picture we turned the music off and made breakfast together which was pancakes,bacon and eggs. I'm not an L.A. girl so I'm not a vegetarian (no offense to vegeterians). After we ate I sat down on the couch looking for something to watch then Zach set next to me and I put my legs on his lap. I looked out the window and it started to rain really hard "Hey Zach" I say looking at him "hm" he responds looking at me "every Sunday should be a Zach & Ashley day" I said while smiling. Then he nodded and smiled "lets play truth or dare" Zach said out of no where "you go first" he said while turning the T.V. off "ok, truth or dare" I say he says "dare" " I dare you to try to lick your elbow"  I said while holding in a laugh he tried it was pretty funny then it was my turn "truth or dare" Zach said " um...truth" I reply "is it true that you think I'm cute?" He says an I blush and say yes. After playing that for 10 minutes I got to know a lot about Zach. "I'm hungry" we said at the same time and we both laughed "how about some postmates?" he asked "sure" I said. I got pasta and he got a burger and I food was here in like 10 minutes. Zach paid for the food and we ate our food then Zach looked at thd time and said "I should get going today was really fun" while headed to the door "I had fun too" I said following him to the door "see ya" he said going in for a hug followed by a kiss on my chee "byee" I said smiling while shutting the door. What a day I thought and plopped on the couch then I went in twitter and tweeted "what a fun day with @ImZachHerron" and got a lot of likes and comments.

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