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Today was not my day I was in a very bad mood I don't know why but we had to wake up extra early for no reason. So we waited for a tour bus to come drive us to our next destination I think today the boys get a free day. The concert is tomorrow we we were driving I went to sleep on a couch and I took a little nap for about 30 minutes. When I woke up I checked my Instagram and I saw that Daniel had posted a picture of me sleeping then I decided to go Live on Instagram I started getting lot's of nice comments one said 'you're really pretty' then I said "I'm pretty? well your pretty too" then I starting seeing comments saying Daniel's behind you then I turned around and he wrapped his arms around me then someone in the comments asked "are you guys dating?" Then I looked at Daniel and he read it and said "yes" then the comments went 0 to 100 real quick some were good and some were bad "okay bye guys" I said ending it. Then I looked at Daniel "what? They asked and I don't lie to my friends" he said while laying his chin on my shoulder while I was looking on my phone then  I took a picture of us just for memories then I checked my Instagram and I saw a picture of Alyssa and her new boyfriend "awe they're so cute" I say liking it "yea but not as cute as us" he said while kissing my cheek and getting up. While waiting on Daniel to get out the bathroom the rest of the boys came  as soon as I saw Jack I put my hand in his hair "it's been a long time since I did that" I said then I took my hands out of it and sat on the couch. Minutes later Daniel came out with no pants looking for his suitcase we all busted out laughing "where did your pants go?" Jack asked pointing to his legs "what I was just looking for my Suitcase" he said grabbing it from somewhere then putting on some pants. The car finally stopped and we went inside our hotel I shared one with Daniel and Jack this time I went in the bathroom to change  and do my hair and makeup. Then I went to charge my phone so I plugged it in then I saw Daniel on the bed "I'm hungry" I said to him then he looked at me and laughed then he kissed me and said "awe you're soo cute I can't  take it anymore" he said standing up while pulling me up too then he put Hus hands on my waist and I put my arms around his neck then he kissed me again then on the cheek "so let's go eat" he said grabbing my hand and we took the elevator to the lobby and we started walking out while our fingers were intertwined then we found a nice little resteraunt that wasn't too fancy we didn't get fast food because the boys have to eat healthy on tour sadly. We ordered our food and waited "Daniel what's your favorite thing about me?" I asked "I'm attracted to your everything" he said while kissing my hand "what's your favorite thing about me" he said smiling "if I answer that question we'll be here for hours" I said winking at him then he blushed. Our food was finally ready and we ate and talked about a lot if things that whole day.
************************************I know this chapter isn't that good but I'm kinda tired now so enjoy 😇

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