Fixing Things

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I woke up while the boys were still sleeping. I was happy so I danced around the room like a weirdo and went in the bathroom to freshen up because we were going on another plane today and they were still sleep. "Daniel wake up" I said shaking him "Jonah wake up" I said doing the same to him. That didn't work so I pushed Daniel off the bed then Jonah too it was really funny because they woke up confused then they took turns in the bathroom throwing on anything then we met the rest of the boys in the lobby "hey Ashley can we Talk?" Daniel asked "I guess" I said sighing and we went outside "so what?" I said impatiently "OK I just wanted to say I'm sorry and I know I say that a lot and I know your mad at me but just know I love you and I've never been in a relationship before so I don't know how this works" he said how can I stay mad at this boy he's to cute and sweet I thought so I gave in and said "Daniel it's okay this Relationship is hard for me too and I love you too so I accept your apology" I said hugging me and he hugged back but a little too tight "okay I can't breath" I said very fast "oh sorrg" he said smiling "you are so adorable I can't take it" I said then the boys cane outside when Daniel called them because our ride was here. As we were riding it was silent and everyone was on their phones the whole ride then the car stopped and we all got out to get our stuff out the trunk and went inside the airport to wait I sat my stuff down to go get some Starbucks "where are you going?" Daniel asked then I pointed to Starbucks "well I'm coming with you" he said getting up then we walked to Starbucks and a couple if fans wanted to take pics with him so I took them and gave their phones back. "Your fans are so cute" I said while smiling than me smiled too. Then I ordered what I wanted "do you want anything?" I asked and he said no so I took my stuff but he paid for it "why did you come with me if you didn't want anything?" I asked and he shrugged. Then they called our flight and we went on the plane while giving the man our tickets this time Daniel was in front of me and I was next to Corbyn and Jonah. Daniel got a window seat too. Before we took off I I put my phone on airplane mode and did a boomerang of the clouds and the sky. "Hey Corbyn name 5 cereals in 7 seconds" I said recording him "um.. Fruit loops, cocoa puffs, um..."sorry times up" I said while I stop recording him and I was laughing. I got really bored and I had lots of energy. Our flight finally stopped and I climbed over Jonah and Corbyn and grabbed my stuff while rushing out the plane yes it feels good not being in a plane I said inside my head. We went to our Uber and then the hotel I went in my suitcase to get a simple outfit out. I didn't do makeup today because I didn't feel like it but I did do my hair we went to the venue and they did a meet&greet with fans then the concert after that they had a little party for the Limelights I came too it was fun watching them I didn't really want to participate in anything today. When we got to our hotels we decided to go out to eat. We ended up going to the place and it was a bowling ally too so we had fun there but some how Jonah won after that we all took a photo together that captioned 'with the squad' we were all tagged in the photo and we left to our hotels to sleep "goodnight love" Daniel whispered "goodnight" I said while falling asleep.

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