A Chill Day

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Today I woke up and took a longgg shower and changed my clothes to something decent but comtfy as I was I was checking my Instagram I got like 100k more followers and the same on all my social media accounts. Untill I heard like 5 different knocks on the door when I went down stairs to open it I saw all of the boys they all greeted with a hi or hello and just went in "oh yea you can come in" I said sarcastically. "So what are you guys doing here" I said "we came here to see you" thay all said in sync. Then they all looked at each other and started arguing untill I yelled stop then their attention was on me. "Ok..guys look, please don't fight over me because I don't want all of you to get mad when I date one of you guys" I said thinking of losing them all. Then I felt tears prickle into my eyes but went upstairs before they can come down then I shut the door to my room and started crying and thinking that if I lose them all I will hate myself forever. Then I heard a knock "it's Corbyn" "don't come in" I said but he came in anyways "thanks for invading my privacy" "Are you crying?" Be asked then I turned around and he saw me and hugged me instantly and rerurned the hug and felt a little better untill "come downstairs we've got a surprise for you" he took my hand and led me downstairs "put this on " he said giving me a blindfold I hesitated but still put it on. Then we walking for a couple of minutes untill we stopped outside and he took the blindfold off and all of the boys were sitting on a stool at side by side of each other with microphones I think we in my backyard at the garden it was really nice and Daniel had his guitar. I was really suprised and totally out of words "Um so we will like to sing a song for you" said Daniel "It's called" "Just To See You Smile" Zach said. Then it started

At the end I cried a little and clapped so much now I was really happy "thank you that was really awesome" "anytime" Jack said and they all got up to give me a group hug "okay I can't breathe" "sorry" they all said at different times. When I went back to the house I was thinking about Daniels part of the song he was looking at me the whole time. I always feel butterflies when he looks at me then there's Jack he's flirts with me all the time which I don't mind. Jonah is awesome and juat super chill and sweet. Zach is adorable and cute. Corbyn is easy to talk to. How would I ever choose "thinkin about me" Zach whispered behind me in my ear then I jumped a little and said "maybe" then walked away untill I heard a knock on the door and everyone followed. I opened it and it was a girl "may I help you?" I asked "um exscuse me who are you?" the girl said "you tell me who you are first" I said she rolled her eyes and said "I'm Christina,Corbyns girlfriend"  I looked back and Corbyn was gone then I laughed in her face "why are you laughing? She asked "um he's not here so by---"yes he is it's a Saturday" she interrupted me which made me kinda angry "ok listen whatever your name is I don't like you right so go away or I'll make you" I said almost about to punch her untill someone grabbed my rist and I turned around it was Corbyn he looked me in the eyes and told me to go which really hurt my feelings so I snatched my rist away and walked bumping into his shoulder hardly and went to my room and put on a swimsuit and.....

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