The Date

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I told Alyssa about my date tonight and she decided I should go to the mall to find something to wear which she is making a big deal out of. I'm not really nervous because I'm used to Daniel now. We went to a lot of stores I was getting so tired she had to wait for me to catch up. See Alyssa was a shopper and I just looked threw some stuff. She dragged me to get some dresses I tried them on some didn't fit and some I just hated. We were finally done shopping and I practically begged her for some food so we went to Chipotle and guess who we saw the Why Don't We boys!!  Yay  I thought sarcastically. Alyssa And I sat at a different table because there's no way we could fit with 5 boys. "Hey I know her!" Jack yelled a little and the rest of the boys head turned and they followed with Jack saying me too or so do I. I laughed at them because they were so weird and I liked that they could be their selves around me. Then Daniel walked up to our table and said "hey hi ya doing" he said smiling "hello" I said smiling back "so what brings you here at Chipotle?" He joked "um I'm startving" I said and then Alyssa went to order our food. Minutes later our food was ready Alyssa and I walked back to her car and then headed to my house. "hey so where is he taking you?" She asked while getting a water bottle "Maybe dinner I don't really know?" I responded. So I decided to text him
Me: where are we going for our date today?
My Ocean Eyes💖: first a fancy dinner next is a surprise
Wow that was a lot of help I thought sarcastically "so what did he say?" Alyssa asked eating some grapes first of all where did she find grape's? "He said fancy dinner then a surprise" I answered looking at my phone. He never told me a time after finding out the time was 5:00 and he was going to pick me up at 7. "Okay let's get starteddd!!" Alyssa yelled she really was a party girl we started on my makeup she did it really natural after that I straightened my hair and put it in a high ponytail but really neat. My hair took the longest so I had to hurry up and put my clothes on.

I added some jewelry and put on some heels but I brung some comfy shoes just in case

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I added some jewelry and put on some heels but I brung some comfy shoes just in case. I took an OOTD photo and posted in Instagram. As I was downstairs waiting I heard a doorbell ring wow he used the doorbell I thought and laughed in my head. When I opened the door I saw Daniel at the door "you look stunning" he said "so do you" I said and he laughed. We went in his car and drove in a comfortable silence then I turned on the radio and Justin Bieber started playing we both began to sing him singing good and me just screaming the lyrics then he did the same as me. We finally got to the resteraunt called Angelini Osteria it looked really expensive we went in and we got to our seats. "How could you afford this stuff?" I asked "my dad knows the owner here" he said "cool" I responded we ordered what we wanted and waited for our food. "So having fun?" He asked looking at me "yea" I said lying "I know your lying I'm bored too" he said and we both laughed "Here's your food" the waitress said putting the plate on our table He was smiling at me the whole time. When we left the resteraunt he gave me his number "what is that?" Daniel asked "the waitress gave me his number" I said chuckling "can I see that?" He asked and I gave it to him he ripped it. "Awe is someone jelly welly" I said talking in a baby voice "what no" he said frowning "Daniel it's okay that proves that your a good boyfriend" I said while we both got in the car. "so where are we going next?" I asked "you'll see" he said and with that the car ride was silent then we took a long drive and I looked at the place we were at it was the Hollywood Wax Museum I've always wanted to go but I never told anyone "oh my gosh Daniel how did you know?" I asked "well I kinda asked your dad a little" he said smiling and looking down "well let's go!!" I said excitingly and I pulled him inside I swear I took Daniel to ever single wax figure there was and I took lots of photos. He finally dropped me off at home I gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek I went to sleep with a smile on my face.
************************************ So the character in this story is 16 if you didn't know😉

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