Texas with Zach

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I woke up to the noise of  my Iphone ringing the face time tone. "What?" I asked head in my pillow "Meet me at the airport 6:00AM" Zach said and I groaned hanging up and grabbing my suitcase. I ate an apple and got a ride from my dad, we actually had a good conversation "Bye dad!" I said with more energy than earlier. "Boom Boom Boom..now lete hear ya say WAYHOO!!" I yelled annoying some people because it was so early "WAYHOOO!" I heard from a slightly far distance and I finally found Zach."Are you ready to meet my family?" He asked with excitement "Of course" I said sitting next to him noticing Daniel never called me. Out flight was called and we got on our flight.
~skip the plain ride ~
"Home sweet home!" Yelled Zach put his arm on my shoulders. "Where are we staying?" I asked, "At my house" he responded pulling me along. Apparently his mom was picking us up. "Hi Zach honey!!" I heard voice and a car hunk "Hi mom" he said mine and his stuff in the trunk "And you must be Ashley" she said smiling brightly his mom was pretty...well all the guy's moms are pretty that explains a lot. "Yep that's me" I said smiling back "Well you two sit in the back" she said to Zach and I.
When we got to his house it looked nice and warming."Are you ready to meet my family?" Zach asked smiling as usual. "Yea" I answered getting out to grab my suitcase "Now I got it you're the guest" Zach said grabbing my suitcase.
~Time skip~
After meeting his family and getting comfortable I changed my clothes so Zach can show me around Texas.

~Time skip~After meeting his family and getting comfortable I changed my clothes so Zach can show me around Texas

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"So Zach where are you taking me?" I asked putting my hair in a bun. "First I'm gonna introduce you to my other two bestfriends Matt and Brandon...and then we can come back for dinner" he said scratching the back of his neck "Ok!" I said going to his room which he let me use because he's sharing with Ryan "So you're dating my brother right?" Reece came in and asked playing with her IPad(Idek) "Wait what?No" I asked laughing at her sudden outburst. "Are you sure because he talks about you in a lovey dovey way all the time" she says taking a quick glance at me "Oh really?" I asked holding in my laughter as she nodded her head slowly. "Okay then" I mumbled to myself getting up to find Zach "Okay so are you ready?" Zach asked throwing a hoodie on as I nodded "What's up with you?" He asked  while walked downstairs and out the door with him behind me. "So where are these two best friends of yours" I said playing with my bracelet he gave me. "I decided for us to meet at the mall..are you okay with that?" He asked looking at me "Yea" I mumbled "What's up with the quietness? I hate it" he asked shoving me softly "A little birdy told me you talk about all Lovey Dovey" I said teasing him  "I am gonna kill Reece!" He yelled blushing madly "Yea I guess I so but is hard not to" he says as we stood in front of a mall "You know you just rhymed right?" I asked as we laughed together. "Hey Herron!!" I heard a dudes voice from in front of us "Yoo Matt Brandon!!" He yelled back walking towards them "So Ashley this is Matt" he said gesturing to one boy "And this is Brandon" he said gesturing to another boy "Did Herron get a girlfriend?" Matt asked wiggling his eyebrows "Uh no! were just really close friends" he answered "That's what they all say" Brandon said. I'm starting to like these guys I thought as we all walked inside random stores "Ooo this is nice" I mumbled to myself and looked at the price tag ooo $100 I thought debating on whether I should buy it or not. "You should buy that" Zach said reading my mind "Thanks" I said agreeing with him and buying "Dude you must be loaded" Matt asked looking at my total "You can say that" I said paying the lady. "Okay guys it was nice seeing you but we need to head back home" Zach said o his two best friends "Okay call us!" Brandon yelled following Matt. "It was nice meeting you!" Yelled Matt as I waved and nodded "Your friends are funny"I said looping my arm in his which made his cheeks tent even more as I was laughing.
When we got back the food was all ready to be served and we all sat at the table. Instead of feeling awkward I felt comfortable. I was done eating so I helped his mom clean the place "Oh thank you" she said side hugging me. "Anytime and.good night" I say walking half way upstairs "Goodnight" she said warmly making me happy inside. I went. into Zach's room which he was already in "Sorry I needed to find something to sleep in." He said blushing which he's been doing a lot lately "Goodnight" he said kissing my cheek before walking out. I changed my clothes and laid down checking my phone why hasn't Daniel called or texted me today? I asked myself feeling a little sad but I eventually went to sleep.

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