Truth or Dare

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Recap: then I heard a doorbell ring and it was...

It was the boys they had a lot of snacks and movies which I laughed at."surprise!!!" They all said smiling and they immediately walked right in and made themselves at home "so why are you all here?" I asked very confused "tonight is our sleepover" they all said in a girly tone which made me laugh a little "so what do you wanna do?" I asked sitting on the couch "how about truth or dare?" Zach blurted out everyone had mixtures of okays and sures. But before we started Jack went in the yard and I followed. He was live on Instagram and I came and sat next to him it was cute seeing him talking to his fans. In the comments I saw "who is that?", "are you dating her?", or "I ship it". He responded with "no she's my managers daughter we're just best friends" giving me a side hug which I returned minutes later we started the game. We sat in a circle I sat in between Zach and Jack trying to kinda avoid Daniel so I started. I asked "so Jonah truth or dare?" "Um..dare" he responded, "I dare you to lick a person of tour choice foot" everyone laughed ao hard but I smirked and he looked around and chose me and my eyes grew wide and he licked my foot which I laughed about so hardly because it tickled so much my stomach was hurting. Then after like 3 rounds it was my turn to be asked "Ashley truth or dare?" Jonah said"I pick truth" "well is it true you had a boyfriend before?" he asked. "Um yes but he was terrible by far the worst boy ever" I said then they all gave me a group hug which I almost suffocated from. After playing some more rounds I was dared to go in a room with Zach for 10 minutes we basically just goofed off for 5 minutes then we took Insta pics after that I asked him to sing something for me he was awesome then he said "remember when I first met you?" I nodded then he started getting closer to me "I never got a chance to do this" he said then kissed me it took me a minute to process but I kissed back and the door opened and we pulled away quickly and I walked out fast and sat down where everyone else was they decided on watching a scary movie so I sat in between Jonah and Jack. They decided to watch the Oija board movie and Jack put his arms around me and I layed on his shoulder. The movie already started off scary we were in the theater room so it was just creepy. I screamed at one part and turned my head into Jack's chest and I could feel him lightly laughing at me so did the others. When the movie ended I was half way sleep I felt someone carry me to my room. When we got to my room I was kinda creeped out "wait can you stay" I whispered and after some minutes I felt the other side of my bed sink in the bed and I couldn't sleep still "you still awake?" he asked "mhm" I said tiredly then he starting humming a tune and after some time I fell asleep knowing it was Jack who was next to me.
Do you like her and Zach or her and Jack together.

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