Not Good Enough Pt.1

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It was dark and I was walking somewhere and I saw Daniel I was falling off of something trying to hold on "DANIEL HELP!" I screamed but he just watched me fall. I looked down to see big sharp pointed needles and I was falling  "Help!, Help! H-"Ashley" I heard then opened my eyes "w-what" I said half crying "Are you okay" the same person sleepily asked my eyes finally adjusted to the darkness "oh my gosh Zach I had such a bad dream" I said with tears still in my eyes "yeah I know you woke me up" he said lightly chuckling "Thanks for waking me" I said wrapping my arms around his neck hugging him "No problem" he said hugging me back.

Zach's P.O.V.
I heard a noise but I shrugged it off at first but then I heard it again but it was louder it almost sounds like Wait that's Ashley  "Ashley" I said shaking her awake she was in tears and she looked so frightened "are you okay?" I asked and she looked confused "oh my gosh Zach I just had such a bad dream" she said "I know you woke me up" I said lightly chuckling then she thanked me and hugged me.

Back to Ashley
"What time is it?" I asked Daniel who was laying down on my bed "it's 5am" he said checking his phone "Oh sorry I didn't mean to wake you" I say crossing my legs  "Yea yea" he mumbled then I felt myself falling asleep "Ash if you're tired please go to sleep" he said "I'm not t....." I tried to put words together but I was indeed tired but when I closed my eyes I saw the dream again "Come here Ash" he said sitting up and opening his arms he then motioned for me to come and I tiredly did and sat on his lap and layed my head on his shoulder falling asleep.
I woke up at 10 and I saw Zach turned to the other side so I pushed him off the bed "What's going on?" he said on the floor "Morning Herron" I said getting up I walked into the bathroom and looked at myself ew I thought looking at my face so I splashed some water on my face to wake myself up "Why did you push me off the bed?" Zach asked but I shrugged in response. I kicked him out and took a shower and changes and he came back in my bathroom to do his hair while I was doing mine, "Zach can you pass me the brush" I said opening my hand and he passed me a brush then he started to gell his hair. "Really Zach leave it down!" I yelled snatching the gell "No!" He yelled then we were going back and forth until it fell on the ground we looked at each other then both went for it but Zach got it faster. Somehow and he begin to do his hair while I did the same then we both changed me in my room and him in the bathroom we decided to match today because it was our bff day as we were walking downstairs laughing about something I said, and everyone was downstairs "Look who's finally up" Corbyn said causing the rest of the boys to turn their heads "Morning!" Jonah chirped. I saw everyone but Daniel "Where's Daniel?" I asked "Still asleep he was up all night" Jack said eating a bagel so I rushed upstairs in his room and it was a mess boys I thought while I stepped over stuff, I went to the side of the bed  to look at him and he looked tired and sad. "Daniel" I whispered but he didn't budge so I shook him he was still sleeping after those attempts I kissed him on the cheek then forehead then lips and he slowly opened his eyes he sat up and saw me I lightly smiled "Morning" I said not too loud "Oh so now you're talking to me" He said "What are you talking about?" I said "Don't act dumb" He shot back standing up "Daniel what are talking about!" I said getting angry "Why are you acting!" He yelled pulling my arms closer to him forcefully "Daniel STOP!" I yelled getting frustrated "Can you just stop I don't know what your problem is but I'm over it!" I yelled ripping mybarms away from him "I know you don't love me anymore, you love Zach" he said sadly "Oh my gosh Daniel, no" I said softly while walking closer to him.  "If you want to end this relationship you can" he said falling to his knees and looking down, it hurts me to see him like this and I feel like it's my fault maybe I'm just not good enough for him........ To Be Continued

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