Last Day

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Today was the last day of their tour we were back in L.A. and I was chilling at the boys house. "Zachh can you please get out the bathroom I need to shower!!" Jonah yelled banging on the door. "Just 10 more minutes!!" Zach yelled but Jonah just rolled his eyes and walked away "Daniii!!" I said running up to him but then he gave me a mad look. "Sorry it's a habit" I said in a bad English accent "that was terrible" he laughing "anything to make you laugh" I said  looking up at him and smiled then he gave me a hug and lifted me off the ground "wow you're strong I never noticed" I said jokingly "hey just because I have no abs doesn't mean I'm not strong" he said folding his arms "you are such a dork" I said "oh I'm a dork huh well no more kisses for you then" he said turning around "Is this some type of punishment?" I asked folding my arms "maybe" he said stepping "well I don't like it" I said pouting "well make it up to" he said "and how am I suppose to do that?" I asked truthfully "hmm how about not calling me Dani forever" he said shaking his head "fine you win thus time" I said "no I always win" he said but then I punched him in the arm really hard "ow! what the heck" he said rubbing his arm "no I always win" I said mocking him and walking away running into Zach "Why did you do that to your hair" I said reaching out for his hair "don't touch" he said grabbing my hands and pulling them down then I looked at our hands and looked at him and he did the same "hey guy-am I missing something?" Corbyn asked while pointing to our hands "nope" I said ripping my hands away from here "hey can we talk?" Corbyn said "sure" I said walking to a room upstairs and shutting the door "sooo?" He asked "what?" I said totally confused "what's up with you and Zach?" He said looking me straight in the eyes "ugh nothing" I said "tell me" he said coming closer "it's nothing" I said rubbing my lip with my finger I do that when I'm lying "you're lying" he said coming closer then he put his hands on my shoulders and shook me "tell pretty please" he said "okay fine I'm only saying this once" I said breathing while Corbyn looked at me to continue "Zach said he likes me  and I don't what to do it gets awkward sometimes and he said that he will forget he said that but I don't believe him" I said looking down "wow" Corbyn said surprised "cone here" he said opening his arms and I hugged him "look I don't know what's gonna happen but did you tell Daniel?" He  asked looking at me and I shook my head slowly "if you don't tell him he's gonna get mad that you didn't tell him so do it now" He said opening the door "how about tomorrow pleaseee" I said looking up at him "fine but tell him please" he said patting my back and leaving. But I just stayed and sat on the steps I wonder if their relationship will end I don't want them fighting over me I thought with a tear slipping down my cheek "hey what's wrong?" Jack asked I quickly wiped my tear away "umm nothing" I said getting up "sureee. Oh and by the way try not to fall down the stairs" he said laughing and I tried to slap him but he grabbed my arm "not so fast" he said "can I pinch you?" I asked then I did and ran while he was chasing me I his behind Daniel "what did you do?" He asked "she pinched me" he said rubbing his arm but Daniel just laughed "dude you got hurt by a girl" he said laughing. After that we headed to the venue and it was fun being on stage with the for the rap part. The fans were so loud and hype because of Logan and the boys every single fan knew the words to every song I was so happy for them. When the concert was over we went back to their house and chilled for the rest of the day as usual.
Even though I'm more of a Jake Pauler  I like Logan too so.....

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