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I woke up on the couch this morning and the couch was messy so was the table. I cleaned up the icecream and everything. After doing that I went upstairs to take a shower and stuff. But then I was on my pd which is terrible but I told no one at all and I took a longer shower than usual not that I don't take long showers. After my shower I put on some jeans and without putting on my hoodie I did my hair first I put my hair up then I put on my hoodie and did my makeup. I put on my shoes grabbed my phone and headed out to no where I went to Mark's house to hangout I rang the doorbell and his mom was at the door she let me inside the house and called him down when he saw me he gave me a hug and I returned it "hey Mark" I said smiling "hey" he said "hi I'm Lisa (I don't know his mom's real name) Mark's mom" she said extending her hand and I shook it and smiled at her "wow Mark she's pretty" his mom said leaving. "So what are you doing here?" he asked looking at me. "Umm let's hang out I'm bored" I said why he rolled his eyes "pleaseeee" I say while pulling his arm "fine" he said laughing at how desperate I was.I waited for him to change and come downstairs. He took an Instagram picture of me and him. Then we took an Uber to Starbucks then the mall. When we got there I went straight to Forever21 I tried on a bunch of different outfits. I asked Mark to chose but he wouldn't so I picked 2 outfits then he followed me in Victoria Secret and I pushed him out while I picked some stuff out. Then I met Mark outside and we bought him some stuff but I bought his and he bought mine. After walking around and taking pics with his fans we went to the food court we were sitting down laughing then I saw Corbyn and rolled my eyes "can we get outta here" I said getting up and grabbing him with me.We headed back home and said our goodbyes.I was at home doing random stuff untill I heard knocks on my door I opened the door and it was them I rolled my eyes and let all of them except Corbyn I left him outside then the rest of them game me an are you serious look. "What you thought I was jocking?" I said while folding my arms "fine" I opened the door and he came in. "So can you be in our Taking You" music video?" Daniel pleaded while grabbing my hand. "Of course Daniel" I said intertwining our fingers "wait now?" I asked and they all nodded so I ran upstairs and changed into this

 "Of course Daniel" I said intertwining our fingers "wait now?" I asked and they all nodded so I ran upstairs and changed into this

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But I kept my hair and makeup the same but I did do a little touch up on everything. As soon as I came downstairs we headed out we rode in a truck this time so no lap sits. The drive was short and there was a lot of fans there guessing they were in the video too. The boys instantly went inside the place and I watched them from backstage smile and have fun. Then it was time for me plus the fans to come and dance I was mostly dancing with Daniel then he twirled me it was pretty fun to be in a music video. An hour later tgey were done and they dropped me off at home and as soon as I hit the bed I fell asleep.

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