Party Pt.1

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I got woken up by 5 boys screaming wake up. So I sat up and threw whatever was close and it was a remote and it misses. "Good morning to you too" Corbyn says sarcastically which makes the boys laugh and I go upstairs to freshen up. I look at the mirror and my hair is a mess how could the boys look at me like this I ask myself. Since my hair was a mess I decided to flat iron it BAD IDEA it took about 10 to 15 minutes and I changed my clothes the boys never seen my hair straightened before so I wasn't that confident. I came downstairs and Daniel was the only one there "where are the other guys?" I asked looking at him he looked at me and choked on his water then I started laughing super hard my stomach was hurting. "You look g-great" he said stuttering "really I just straightened my hair" I said walking to the backyard where I'm guessing the boys are and they were back there. When I walked outside Jack saw me and his face lightened up and ran and gave me a hug. Next was Corbyn he pulled me inside in a corner and started to talk "So I was going to text you but I thought I should tell you instead" he said looking me straight in the eyes I nodded for him to go on "I got back together with Christina" he says and I felt my hand twitch but I didn't slap him I just said "ok" with no emotion at all "ok is that all your gonna say what I was expecting more" he says. Right after my phone rings I check it and it was Alyssa
Me:Hey what's up

Alyssa: I'm throwing a party you should come

Me: I'm not a party girl sorry

Alyssa: you're coming pleasee

Me: fine but you have to come over to get ready with me

Alyssa:Ok see you at 8 byeee

The call ended and I gather all the boys downstairs as I got their attention on me I start talking about a party and they should come. They all agreed and left each of them giving me a peck on the cheek except for Corbyn cause ya know he's taken. I check the time and it's 5pm which means I have time to shop so I headed out to get a eide from my dads limo and the driver takes me to a mall. It took me 2 hours to find some stuff but I couldn't fit into those extra small dresses like the nice pretty models. I was thinking in the stores I finally got home and I heard a doorbell and opened the to see all of the boys they were wearing this

 I was thinking in the stores I finally got home and I heard a doorbell and opened the to see all of the boys they were wearing this

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They all looked great and took a picture of them for my Intsa. Then there was a knock on my door and It was Alyssa So I took her straight to my room and locked it.

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