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Today was Daniel and I's onr year anniversary and he came to my house with Breakfast,chocolates and all types of flowers. "Love we're going on a date all day" Daniel said as I was looking in my closet for something nice to wear. Once found it I shood Daniel ouy of my room I did everything and then I put on my hills and everything else. "Okay I'm ready where to first?" I asked excitingl "The movies" he said
Wiggling his eyebrows making me smile "Okay" I said and we asked my dad's driver can he ride us to places we need.  "What are we seeing?" I asked "Jumanji" he answered taking a quick glance at me. "You look nice" he said smiling but he looked like he was nervous almost so I put my hand on top of his which relaxed him a little. We were finally there and we were watching the previews and munching on popcorn,when Daniel decided to grab a handful of my popcorn and eat it "Really!!" I yelled "Shhhh the movie is starting" he whispered smiling cheekily "Shut up" I said ripping my food back and enjoying the movie.
~1 hour later~
After the movie was finished he surprised me with a picnic. "Daniel this is the best day ever!" I say, hugging him "Yea I try" he said nervously but I was still so confused "Daniel are you ok?" I asked grabbing his hands "Yea—yes I—no" he said truthfully "Then what's up?" I asked touching his arm "So this is our one year anniversary and I just wanna tell you that I truly love you a matter what happens I will always love you with all my heart and I never really show it so I w-want to today" he said looking in my eyes I couldn't stop falling for this guy. I was looking at him and he had a tiny velvet box "Daniel no stop with the presents, you don't have to buy my love and...I didn't give you one" I said nervously "No it's fine but here's how much I love you." He said opening the box; it was a ring with a half of a pink heart on it.(pretend the initials say D & A

"D—oh my god no I—" I tried but I got cut off by Daniel saying "I know it's asking for to much maybe and you're still young and still on a journey about love

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"D—oh my god no I—" I tried but I got cut off by Daniel saying "I know it's asking for to much maybe and you're still young and still on a journey about love...but I wanna go on that journey with you...and I promise that I will always love you. So keep this ring so I can replace with another one when we get to that age" I was so shocked I never experienced anything like this before "Daniel I-I love you so much" I cried hugging him as hr mumbled something to himself that sounded like 'I did it' or something. He placed the ring on my ring finger and I could see he had a matching one with half of a black heart. "I can't put in words of how I'm feeling right now so I'm gonna do this" I said kissing him with so much love until I broke it. I felt on top of the world "You're the best boyfriend any girl could ask for and I'm never really hurt, you always treat me like a spread so much love and positivity on me that I feel so happy all the time and I truly love YOU for that." I say wrappingy arms around his neck. We finally got done with our picnic and now we were just chilling at my house watching netflix and me eating chocolate whip cuddling. "Can you kiss me?" Daniel asked randomly "Way to kill the mood" I said giving him a neck kiss "Wow I never noticed how nice those felt" he said pulling closer to kiss me but with a little bitof want this time. When he broke it his eyes began to get darker which was hot "Do you notice your eyes get darker" I said, "Yes but I never know how" he says coming closer "Well it's really hot when they do that" I said smiling which made him kiss me even more which turned into a makeout session. "Daniel oh my gosh your lips are swollen" I sat laughing "Oh it's funny huh? Well this won't be funny" he says kissing my neck "How is this not—NO!" I said realizing what he was doing. He was giving me a hickey even though I tried pushing him off great now I'm honna get teased again I thought punching his arm "Ow okay fine I'll stop" he says pulling into a cuddle position "Yea that's what I thought.

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