Lets Talk

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I woke up to breakfast in bed and a kiss on the cheek "mornin" Daniel said "what are you doing her? I said seepily with my eyes closed. But I couldn't go back to sleep so I got up rubbing my eyes and taking a shower after that I left my hair natural and brushed it a little bit then I put on my clothes, makeup and grabbed my sunglasses just incase and I ate the breakfast Daniel made and took the plate and stuff downstairs to the dishwasher "hey love" Daniel said hugging me and I hugged him back "hey" I said kissing him on the cheek "so like I asked before what are you doing here?" I asked "oh I could just-"no seriously"  I said looking in his eyed "ok fine...I came to...apologize for yesterday I was being a jealous maniac" he said while looking down "aww Daniel I accept your apology" I said hugging him and he put his head in the crook of my neck and he whispered "you're the best" "I know" I whispered. Then we both let go and he gave me a peck on the lips, "hey do you wanna come with the boys and I to see Logan and Jake?" Daniel said. "Yes ×10" I said and we walked to their house with our fingers intertwined and we got to the house and walked in we were both laughing at something he said. "Hey guys" I said I got a mixture of hey and hi and they were all ready so we went to Logan's house. Daniel and I were on the balcony talking and holding hands "right now we have two kids in love" Logan said to his while he was vlogging us. After some craziness we went to the Team 10 and Jake was there "who's this?" He asked pointing to me "I'm Ashley" I said shaking his hand and then I whispered "I'm a Jake Pauler don't tell Logan" then he nodded and I met Chance,Anthony,Tessa and Erika the girls and I became friends instantly and each others contact and social media info. Then we left to just hang out with each other and we were walking around and then they started singing one of their mashups and people were looking and after doing random stuff thr boys and I went to their I decided to spend the night over their house because I know I was gonna be bored when I got home. "Do you guys have a piano?" I asked then they pointed and I started playing All Of Me and this turned into a singing session. After singing we ate our dinner which was Chinese food it was really good.  I went upstairs to go cahnge because it was getting late. But I didn't want to wear my shirt so I borrowed Daniel's shirt and put on some shorts and heard foot steps coming upstairs and it was Daniel he came to chill with me. I layed in the bed and turned on a movie on my computer and we cuddled watching Riverdale for the rest of the night.
This chapter is boring I knowww

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