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I woke up and was very confused at first, but then I realized that I was with Daniel and I remembered that I was in his hometown. I looked over and saw Daniel sleeping as always, so I began to stare at him and take in his beautiful face everything about this person wad beautiful even his voice and then there's me, looking like a potato or something what happened "Ashley I know I'm hot but you gotta stop staring at me like that" Daniel whispered "we're always stuck in the same situation Seavey" I whisper back. I began to get up but I was pulled down by arms around my waist. "Daniel let me go" I say struggling to get up "no can we just cuddle all day" he said looking at me "no I need fix myself up" I said putting hands over my face to cover up the ugliness but Daniel tried to pull my hand away but I put it back "stop itt" I say while going to bathroom "wait come here, I know what you're doing" he said gently then he got up "you're beautiful how many times do I have to say that" he says skimming his fingers softly over my face to my lips then to my chin. He leans in and kisses my cheek then I go to the bathroom to look presentable this time I actually took some time on my makeup. When I came out Daniel was waiting for me he looked up and we looked each other up and down "how?" He asked pointing to me "twinziesss!!" I yelled tackling him on the bed "Why do we always end in these situations?" Daniel asked  "We're just weird like that" I said in his neck "would you get off me I gotta go potty" he said flipping us over "really, I gotta go potty" I said mocking him in a deeper tone "that is not how I sound" he says walking backwards but I stick my tongue out at him and he laughs at my childish ways. Daniel was finally done so me,his sister and I decided to go bowling so his sister drove to the place and it was huge we got out but we were stopped by his sister saying "wait let's take some pictures!!" She said cheerfully. I love his sister she's so happy all the time "do we have to?" Daniel whined and she nodded she took her phone out and she took photos of Daniel and I then I took a pic of him and his sister. We finally went inside and got our shoes sizes.

  We were in the middle of the game with me in first place Daniel in second and anna in third. I offered to grab some snacks, I went to the counter to buy some stuff and pay for it. I was walking without looking and bumped into someone and dropped some of my stuff "oh sorry" I said laughing nervously. I began to pick it up and when I looked up I saw my ex. "Ashley?" He asked  "M-Mario" I stuttered "oh um hey long time no see" he said smiling "yeah I guess, so how have you been?" I asked politely "um nothing much I just have over a million followers" he said casually "hey Ashley what took you so long?, who's this?" Daniel asked Ashley speak say something "my ex" I slipped out "oh" was all Daniel said "Daniel this is Mario, Mario this is Daniel my boyfriend" I said "hi" Mario said putting his hand out for Daniel to shake it and he did but he didn't smile back "well it was nice seeing you again" he said hugging me and kissing me on the cheek then left. When I turned Daniel was gone  I went to go look for him "Hey anna where's Daniel?" I asked "I think he went outside he looked not so happy" She said I ran outside to find him "Daniel!, Dani!, Daniell!" I yelled then I walked around to see Daniel leaning against the wall "Daniel what's going on?" I asked softly "will you leave me for him?" He asked sadly "no never why would you think that?, I love you" I said, wrapping my arms around his torso "Do you love me? I asked looking up "I love you too" he said shyly "you're such a cutie" I said poking his bottom lip "well can this cutie have a kissy" he said "hm ma-" I got cut off by Daniel's lips it lasted for about 30 seconds until I broke it "why did you do that" I said playfully "because you were taking to long and we should get back inside" he said pushing from against the wall and he opened his hand out for me to take it. We played one last game and headed back to Daniel's house. "Did you guys have fun?" Daniel's mom asked. We all nodded and I went upstairs to take a shower and change. "Dani lemme borrow a hoodie" I said "they're over there..." He mumbled pointing to a drawer I grabbed one of his black hoodies "hey sat something to the camera" Daniel said pointing the camera my direction "leggo my eggo" I said pointing to Daniel who was laughing at me then I took my phone out and whispered to the camera that I was gonna slap Daniel I counted off from 3 to 1 and charged then I slapped him but it wasn't hard enough to hurt then he got up to go downstairs. I was just sitting on his bed when he came back up he poured water all over me "Daniell!!" I yelled punching him hardly like 12 times. After I dried off and changed w her took out his guitar and started lightly strumming his guitar and I fell right to sleep.
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