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Omggg People thank you for 98 readss. Ok back to the story
I woke up in the same clothes and felt nasty so I took a shower and washed my hair. Then I brushed my hair into a lazy bun and put on a sports bra and shorts then I heard a knock on my door and it was Daniel "do you hate me or something?" he asked walking in I shut the door behind me. "No I don't hate you" I said walking over to sit next to him on my couch "then what's wrong? Why are you always mad at me?" He asked with hope in his eyes "It's just everytime I see you with that girl I freak out" I said looking down he put his fingers on my chin and lifted my head to look at him "hey if it makes it any better she cheated on me at the party" he said "oh" I say silently "well do you want me to cheer you up" I said and he smiled "stand up I challenge you to a dance battle" I said grabbing my laptop and plugging it up to my speaker up I put on the Rolex song it was pretty fun seeing his funny dance moves but I won because I used to take dance when I was 11 but I stopped for some reason. Then I turned on Karaoke specifically for Daniel "here pick a song" I said letting him use my computer, he picked Hallelujah. Then he started and at the end I felt a tear fall it was so beautiful then I clapped a lot "why are you crying" he said wiping my tear away using his thumb "I'm crying cause that was so beautiful" I said while putting my glasses back on. "Well not as beautiful as you" he said walking closer to me then he was really close looking down at me he was about to kiss me but I teased him and turned my head so he was kissing my cheek. I went in my closet and grabbed a shirt then went downstairs to see what the rest were doing they were all DOING random things "hey Zach" I said sitting next to him "hey, I didn't know you wore glasses" he said laughing I laughed along with him. "Where's Jonah and Jack I asked "they're still asleep" Zach said then I walked upstairs to Jonah's room first and he wasn't in bed he was in the shower then I walked to Jack's room he was still asleep. "JACKK!!!" I screamed and he woke up quick in confusion which was funny so I started laughing and he was rubbing his eyes a little bit, then he recorded me on his Instagram story by saying "this girl woke me up like a crazy person" then I laughed and said "you deserved it" and it ended there. Before I left out I ran in his closet and stole one hoodie and one shirt and it smelled like his cologne but I ran in my room and hid them in my closet. Then I snuck into Jonah's room to scare him I hid in his closet before he came back in his room. I heard foot steps in his room and I jumped out screaming boo and he screamed and I laughed so hard my stomach was hurting but I couldn't stop "I'm gonna kill you" he said and ran downstairs and. I hid behind the couch I looked to my left and then right and he was already next to me and I screamed and everyone laughed except me I layed down to catch my breath I put my hand on my belly and look up and Zach was standing up looking at me like I was crazy and laughed and walked away without a word "Hey guys lets have a sleep over!!" I said and they all nodded.

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