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I woke up up with a tear stained face as I checked my phone I had at least 100 texts. All from Daniel freaking Seavey. I remembered what happened with Zach yesterday and I kinda don't feel bad. It feels like payback for what ge did, I mean it might not be the right way but it made me feel a little better. I went to my bathroom, took a shower and put on my outfit for the day. I didn't put on too much makeup so I found some random sunglasses and threw them on. When I went downstairs and made some cereal,until I heard 4 knocks. I went to the door and saw Corbyn,Zach,Jonah and Jack. "Oh my goodness what do you guys want?" I asked rolling my eyes "Wow you're wearing more black than Zach usually wears" Corbyn said coming followed by the rest. "Man when was last time you cleaned this place" asked Jack "Really do we really wanna talk about cleaning,because your roomd are never clean" I snapped eating my cereal. "You are really mad at each other huh" Jonah said folding his arms "Why is he mad?" I asked putting my bowl in the dishwasher "He's mad  because you kissed Zach" Jack said causing me to roll my eyes "Why are you all here anyways" I said eyeing them suspiciously. "We need help from get Daniel out of his room because we have to go to the studio today" Corbyn said they all looked at me with pleading eyes "Fine!" I said giving up "But stop looking at me like that it's weird" I say grabbing my phone and walking out of the door followed by the boys.
When we got to their house it was oddly a little clean. "Where is he?" I asked impatiently "Upstairs but..don't be too harsh he's really sensitive at the moment" Jack said as I headed upstairs. I knocked "Jack I told you no more stupid jok—Oh it's you" he said sadly "Oh wow I thought you would be happy to see me" I said coming in "Are you here to tell me how much you hate me?" He asked sadly "No...Daniel I don't hate you" I answered wiping the tear from his face. He looked relieved "I'm here to tell you to get your butt up and go to the studio" I said pushing him to the bathroom. "You smell terrible you know that?" I asked closing the bathroom door. "No not really!" He yelled starting up the shower.
He finally got out of the shower and he looked so hot than usual maybe it's because I miss him I thought watching his hand go threw his hair. "I can feel you staring at me" Daniel said turning around "Yea so?" I asked raising my eyebrow as he came closer "So that means you think I'm still hot" he says snaking his around my waist "Uh no" I say putting my hands on his chest "Oh really" he says kissing my neck making me give in "Stop!" I laughed pushing him. "Go to the studio and make me proud" I said kissing his cheek. "Bye" I whispered walking downstairs "He'll be down in a minute" I say playing with my fingers. "So?" They asked in sync "What?" I asked looking at them all "Did you two get back together?' Corbyn asked shaking me "Wh—No" I said walking towards the door "I'll think about it" I say going out the door. I could hear cheers coming from the inside.
~later that day~
I took the boys advice and cleaned the house up. After doing that I got a Snapchat from Zach, it was clip of one their new songs that they're making. I was watching Supernatural and I heard my door open "Ahhhhhhh!!!" I screamed falling off the couch "Calm down it's just me" a all to familiar voice said "Daniel?" I asked getting up. "Yes" he says closing the door behind him. "What are you doing here?" I asked looking at all the stuff he got in his hand "And you brought all of this stuff" I said helping him with everything,"First I have a song for you" he says and he sung Perfect by Ed Sheeron. "Listen, Ashley my love I know I haven't been the best lately but I just want to say I love you. I love you much that just thinking about you not being with me tears me apart. I think you are the most beautiful girl I've ever met and seen, and I'm do sorry for every hurting you or breaking your heart..I guess my jealousy got the best of me and I couldn't control it. I know I need fix my mistakes if you will let me, so Ashley Elizabeth Brown will you be my girlfriend again?" He asked I was so shocked I couldn't even think straight "D-daniel of course" I said hugging him so tight "I love you so much" I say kissing him with so much love and passion. "Oh and look what I found" he said pulling out my promise ring, he grabbed my hand and placed it on my finger ever so softly. "So Netflix and Chill?" He asked jokingly "Daniel way to kill the moment, and no!" I yelled grabbing a chocolate rose he bought and eating it.
And there I was eating away with my true soulmate and love.
THE END or should I make another chapter. I just wanna say thank you guys for all of the votes and reads. This book is so fun to make and I love it so much. So please don't copy it.
And one last thing LIMELIGHTS ARE TAKING OVERRR!!😂😂Enjoy this last chapter. Maybe or maybe notxx

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