Meeting Her

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I woke up late today but I was in my bed not the couch. Daniel must've took me up here I looked over and he was gone then he face timed me "Morning" he said full of energy "Sure" I said dryly "You're always so mad in the mornings" he said smiling, but I returned with a thumbs up "So what'd you even call me for?" I asked, "Uhm so......I might of sorta said yes to a double date with Zach" He said and then I was up "You did what!?" I said more louder then I expected "Why does it matter anyways? Wait what happened to you guys?" He asked with his face full of confusion. "I'll tell you later, so what time's this double date?" I asked rolling mg eyes "At 6:00" he replied. We talked for a little bit more and I hung up to take a shower and all that jazz, I changed into some comfy clothes until it was time. It was only 3:30pm so I decided to watch Harry potter all of them. Without noticing what time it was I looked and I had 30 minutes WHAT!? I thought getting up out of the covers. I rushed to find a outfit,makeup, and shoes. I decided to wear some jeans because I didn't have lots of time I did my hair & makeup quick but nicely then my hair took the longest because I had to straighten and braid it. knock knock I heard while putting on my shoes I grabbed my phone and keys then opened the door to see ZACH!? He looked at me  for a long minute "Zach where's Daniel!?" I asked impatiently "He's in t-the car he made m-me get out" He said stuttering I rolled my eyes and sighed while locking the door behind me. Zach was still standing there awkwardly "What are you still here for! I said snapping at him and he left back to the car while I followed it was actually a limo now that I fully looked at it. "Hey Daniel" I said fake smiling "Hey, don't fake smile with me" Daniel whispered so only I could hear it but I rolled my eyes I've been doing that a lot lately. "You look smoking by the way" Daniel quietly said making me turn red I could feel Zach's stare on me "Really I pulled this together in like 20 minutes" I whispered back to him than as heard Zach fake clearly his throat which turned both of our heads "Daniel, Ashley this is Faith my girlfriend..Faith this is Daniel my bandmate/ best friend and this is Ashley my b-" he says but I cut him off by saying "I'm his friend!" while smiling. We got to a Italian resteraunt it was kind of expensive but it looked nice, I didn't know what to order so I got some mozzarella sticks. "So when did you guys meet?" Faith asked Daniel and I "Oh um my dad's their manager and we became close" I said smiling at the thought "So how did you guys meet?" I asked her Taking a sip of my drink "We met at Starbucks I was working and it was kinda awkward at first......." She was saying but I stopped listening and started getting texts from a group chat I'm in with Joey,Hunter,Mark,Brandon, Bryce, Jordyn, and Aaron:

Birlem Boy😆(Joey): hey


Markkkk🤗: wassuppp

Huntyyy🔐:(Hunter): what's poppin

Bryce😎: what's Gucci

Air-ron🙊(Aaron):Bryce you stole my words

J.J.🌺💖(Jordyn): hey guys

Me: Really guys I'm on a double date😒

J.J.🌺💖: Oooo who's the other couple?

Brando💙: Yeah what Jordyn said

Me: Uhm Zach and his girlfriend🙄

Huntyyy🔐: Must be awkward huh?

Me: What do you mean?

Huntyyy🔐: Well you seemed pretty irritated yesterday when we hung out so I'm guessing it has something to do with the guys

Me: Hunter you know everything😳

Huntyyy🔐: because I just do😎

"Ashley stop being rude" Daniel whispered tapping my thigh "Oh sorry" I said looking up while Zach gave me a death stare but I ignored it our food finally got here but I had lost my appetite because Zach kept staring at me and Faith kept talking and shooting me death glares "Eat your food" Daniel said resting his hand on my thigh "I'm not hungry" I whispered back tapping my finger on his thigh "You are not thick Dani" I said squeezing his thigh "Stop it" He says lightly "Stop what?"I asked pretending to be confused "Ashley" He said as a warning "So how long've you and Zach been friends" she said with air qutations which caused me to get kinda annoyed which turns into stress and anger I looked at Daniel who gave me a look to keep it together "I don't know" I said taking a deep breath "Come on at least eat one mozzarella stick" Daniel said with pleading eyes "Only for you" I said eating it. Faith was pretty; way prettier than me of course, but why did he like me...but he has a girlfriend now. This is what Faith looks like:

 This is what Faith looks like:

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Her outfit:

This date was getting soooo boring "Um can be excused I need some air

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This date was getting soooo boring "Um can be excused I need some air...." I said as real as I could "I'll walk you out" Zach offered "No you don't have to" I said with a fake smile  "No I insist" He said walking to the door when we got outside I dropped the fake smile "What are you here for!" I said folding my arms "I'm here to tell you to stop ruining my date!" He said angrily "Okay yea it's all my fault now, I can't believe you'd blame this on about you blame your girlfriend for questioning me!" I yelled "You know what I don't care anymore I thought we were friends" I said walking away back to mg house.

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