Party Pt.2

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When we were in my room I had no clue to what I was wearing. Luckily Alyssa was here I sat on my bed and she took out a bunch of outfits and makeup from my bags. "Ok go try this on" she said handing me like 10 outfits so I did what she said and tried all 10 outfits and I loved it so much (pic above) it was cute and simple not to much not to little. Then she did my hair and makeup she even added extensions. I looked in the body mirror and omg I looked hottt. "Thank you so much" I said hugging her "no problem" she said hugging me back then she left to host the party. By the way she looked awesome wearing this

I walked downstairs and I saw the boys as they were looking at me everyone's jaws drop

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I walked downstairs and I saw the boys as they were looking at me everyone's jaws drop. I hear some wows and you look greats but Daniel said I looked beautiful and Jack said I look hot well that's a first. I sat down on the couch thinking of which boy I should chose because they're all perfect in their own ways then I was all mixed up in my thoughts that I didn't notice that I was smiling. "hey what are you thinking about" Daniel said sitting close next to me looking at me "maybe you" I said looking at him then he looked down at my lips and that face he was making was so adorable and kissable so I just kissed him on the cheek "guys let's go" Corbyn says walking out the door. Wow I didn't even notice everyone was outside, I called my dads limo driver and we headed off to the party as we were in the car I sat between Zach and Jack "So are you and Daniel a thing now?" Zach asked "no doesn't he have a girlfriend?" I answered "no they spilt yesterday" he answered I just nodded as we were driving I smelled some nice cologne I followed the sent and it was Jack right when the car stopped.We all got out one by one Jack helping me with my heels struggle I cuffed my arm in his "you smell great by the way" I said while walking inside the house I gotta say there was a lot of people here the music was blasting. As I was looking for Alyssa I bumped imto this cute boy with blue eyes and blonde hair he looked around my age, "oh sorry" I said while looking at him "no it's fine...did you come here alone?" he asked "um no actually I came here with 5 people" I said smiling "oh well I'm Mark and I hope I can have your number" he asked giving me his digits "Well I'm Ashley call me sometime. I couldn't find Alyssa so I just went to use the bathroom. When I went upstairs I found a bathroom and opened the door I can't believe what I saw. It was Daniel and that same girl making out I immediately shut it my stomach hurts I feel sad but I shouldn't be. We aren't together so it's fine just dance what somebody I looked to my right and saw Zach I grabbed him and said "come on lets dance" then he started dancing. Now this was so much fun we continued dancing for hours untill I saw Alyssa "be right back" I told Zach while walking to Alyssa " hey Alyssa" I said hugging her "Omg hey Ashley enjoying the party" she said, "yea the party is awesome" I said then I left walking back to the dance then Zach was gone so I danced with Jonah and he was a funny dancer he had me laughing the whole time and he was smiling while I laughed I didn't notice how cute Jonah is. After dancing and all that stuff we left the party in the same limo but this time I layed my head on Jack's lap and my legs on Zach's lap. The whole time I was just smelling his shirt the whole ride then the car stopped and my feet was hurting "Jack can you hold me pleaseee" I said looking at him and picked me up bridal style and walked me to my room "I think we're just gonna crash here" he said and I nodded and fell asleep.

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