Movie Night

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I woke with my computer on me and a big bag of chips on the side of me. I got dressed and headed to the boy's house. I walled straight in and Jonah got scared and threw a bagel? At me. "Why didn't you knock?" Jonah asked as I started laughing "You looked so stupid" I said "Hey who are you talking-Oh hey" A shirtless Daniel said. "Hey" I said picking up the bagel "What happened in here?" Daniel asked with a toothbrush in his mouth "Tell Ashley to start knocking" Jonah said taking out a new bagel. "Oh" Daniel said spitting in the kitchen sink then putting his toothbrush back in the bathroom. I tried not to turn red because how hot he looked with his messy hair and no shirt "I know I look hot" Daniel said practically reading my mind causing me to turn even more red "Are you blushing right now?" He asked playfully, as he began to walk closer but I couldn't speak "Loss of words?" He asked softly then he walked closer and pulled me by my hips "Someone's flirty today" I said Putting my hands on his shoulders "You can say so" he said, "What kind of shirt do you have on?" he asked, "Ugh a crop top" I said confusingly "Well either pull it or put on one of my shirt, because I don't need these other guys looking at you the same way I Do" Daniel whispered lips brushing against my ear now my ears were red. "Dani stop...." I said pushing him softly "Stop teasing" I whispered "How do think I feel when you tease me" he said playfully with his eyes lightening he leaned down so our noses were touching "Why won't you just kiss me babe" I said using that pet name purposely "When you say it like that it makes me crazy" he said pulling me closer. I was tired of his teasing I smashed my lips on his and he had lipstick on his lips when I broke it. "This lipstick is bad" I said, "Why?" He asked "Because you have it all on your lips" I said laughing "And it's not coming off" I said laughing harder "What's going on down here" Corbyn said coming down followed by the boys I didn't even notice that Jonah went upstairs "Dude you have some uh..." Zach said gesturing to Daniel's lips "Yea I know" he said while all of us laughed and he rolled his eyed playfully "You guys are annoying" He said walking upstairs. "Are you mad?" I asked following him to his room "Maybe" he said putting on a shirt sadly I thought "Well will this make you feel better" I said going in for a kiss but he put his hand over his mouth "No I'm not getting more lipstick on me" he said with his hand covering his mouth still "Okay" I said kissing his cheek pretending to sigh sadly and walking out "Wait..." He said grabbing my arm and pulling me in his arms "Just a hug" he said in my  hair as he started playing with it "You can mess up my hair but I can't mess up yours" I said walking away. I went downstairs to see the boys playing video games,singing or live on I Instagram. "Do you guys have any food" I asked "I ordered a pizza!" Jack said eyes not leaving the tv. Then someone turned on some music which was obviously all of their EP's. I was actually listening to the lyrics of Turn It Off
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Turn It Off,Turn It Off

Cause baby you are my inspiration.
As I was listening I was sitting criss cross on their kitchen counter in the middle of the kitchen "The pizza's here" Jack said putting it next to me "Who's ready for movie night?" Zach asked as I laughed "What haven't you seen?" Jonah asked Harry Potter (This low key true about me though😂) I thought but I thought about how Jonah might go crazy "Ughhh Harry Potter" I said quickly and Jonah turned quickly "You HAVE TO watch it!!!" Jonah yelled. I checked my phone and one of my fans sent me a link and I put my headphones in,it said Invitation so I'm guessing it's the guys song how come Daniel never told me about it I thought beginning to watch it. I was watching until I saw a girl in his video that wasn't me, but I didn't want to get worked up about it so I when I was done watching it I got ready to join the boys watch Harry Potter. As I was sitting next to Daniel I tried to hide my feelings, I wasn't mad at the girl but why didn't he tell me? Maybe I am mad at the girl. "I'm gonna go use the shower" I said, but Daniel grabbed my hand and mouthed what's wrong but I shrugged and went upstairs and showered in the guest room,I changed my clothes and sat on the bed quietly playing  with the necklace Daniel bought me.

 Then Daniel came and closed the door behind him, "So what's up? He asked sitting next to me "The sky" I said trying to change the subject "No seriously" He said scooting closer to me "You seemed quiet" he said, grabbing my hand and tangling his f...

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Then Daniel came and closed the door behind him, "So what's up? He asked sitting next to me "The sky" I said trying to change the subject "No seriously" He said scooting closer to me "You seemed quiet" he said, grabbing my hand and tangling his fingers with mine "Why didn't you tell me you guys made a music video to Invitation?" He asked then he began to get nervous "I just didn't want you to get jealous of the girl in the video" he said, "Ok" I said simply "Are you mad?" He asked sadly "No....maybe a little jealous" I said truthfully "Well you shouldn't be.....see this necklace I gave you this for a reaso,because you actually have the key to my heart and I've never felt this with any girl ever" he said smiling adorably "I love you" I said hugging him tightly causing us to fall sideways on the bed "So let's go back and watch the movie" he said grabbing my hand and we went back downstairs "You're lucky I paused it" Jonah said playing the movie. Jonah spent the rest of the night trying to keep me awake and explain stuff. It was just to boring for me.

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