Jealous again?

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Today I woke up to a cute Snap of Daniel

So I sent him a snap of me with my hand over my face that said Good Morning and got ready for the day

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So I sent him a snap of me with my hand over my face that said Good Morning and got ready for the day. I did my hair a little differently today because I felt good Daniel and I are officially dating that feels so weird to say. I wonder what his fans will think they would hate me because he would be breaking so many hearts. I'll talk about that later. Right now I'm eating pancakes and bacon I made and they were delicious. I heard a knock in my door and it was Jack "what are you doing here?" I asked looking confused "I just came to hang out" he said "ok....well come in?" I said as more of a question. He came in and sat down I went into the piano room and started playing Hallelujah when I was finish I heard Jack clap which scared me and made me hit the piano which scared him. But we both ended up laughing "do you play?" I asked "yes" he answered then he started playing a fun song and I was recording him for my Instagram story. Then he looked up and smiled while he grabbed the phone to put it on me and I started making funny faces and he posted it. We were having fun untill I heard the door and told Jack to get it and I saw who it was really Ashley really I thought "hey Daniel" I said with a smile "ok I gotta go" Jack said leaving out the door and waved. "So what was that all about" he said folding his arms. "What do you mean?" I asked knowing what he was talking about "you and Jack" he said sighing heavily "we were just two friends hanging out" I said nudging him in the ribs playfully. But he was serious "look Daniel I didn't know he was coming and I didn't want to be rude" I said while grabbing his hands. "Whatever" he said letting go of my hands. Then he walked out and I don't know how to feel what did this mean. Just stay calm I said in my head then I called Corbyn so we can talk about relationships after some time the door bell rung and I opened it and pulled him inside and closed the door. "OkayIneedhelpbecauseIthinkDaniel'smad" I said super fast running out of breath. "Woahhhhh slow down girl" he said singing the last part "come on be serious" I said getting annoyed "ok fine so what happened from the beginning" he said and I told him and was so chill about it and he didn't say anything. "Say Something!!" I said grabbing his shirt "ok look he was probably just jealous" he said and that made sense "thank you" I said hugging him "also guys get scared when their girlfriends are around other guys" he said and hugged him even tighter he stayed for a little bit and he had to go because Christina. I spent the rest of the day bored and alone dancing around the whole house in a overly large shirt and my underwear.
The end of this chapter is funny😂😂

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