A Christmas Suprise

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I woke up early to surprise Daniel on Christmas a)because he didn't know I was coming and b)because I bought him this guitar that he really wanted. "Goodbye sweety and Merry Christmas" my mom said kissing my cheek and handling me a gift and I opened it in the Uber. It was some cute diamond earrings. I called Daniel's mom because she was in on the plan. The plan was wrapping me up like a present and for Daniel to open it (Idk where this idea came from😂) then I got an call from "Yes Corbean" I said as the Uber stopped at the airport "Have you seen my Gucci slides?" He asked then I looked down at my feet "Uhm no" I said lying "Then why did line go silent after I asked? He asked and I can imagine him raising his eyebrow "I don't know phones are weird bye" I said walking inside the airport. I waited for about 30 minutes and my flight was called Oregon here I come I thought while giving my ticket then got on the plane. I was kinda jet lagged but I pushed it aside. The plain was hours long I think and my flight was over finally. I gave the man the address Daniel's mom texted me and I was super excited for today. I knocked on the door and his mom opened it "Hey honey" she said sweetly "Hi" I said "Thanks for coming and set Daniel's present over there by the tree" she said lettinge in I greeted by Anna and Daniel's dad "Hi Anna" I said casually "Hey" she said waving and going back to what she was doing. "Daniel's still sleeping so we can get some wrapping paper and we can wrap you up in a box!!" She said laughing and I laughed too. When they wrapped me I could suprisingly breathe "Good morning guys" I heard Daniel say "After breakfast we can open presents" His mom said then I can feel steps coming towards me "Wow that's a pretty big box" Daniel said while I tried to hold in my laughter "Foods ready!" Anna said saving me.
"Okay time to open presents" Anna said sitting on the couch "How about you open that one first" his mom said and I herd pick up a present up as he opened I heard him say "From Ashley"  then there was a silence until I heard a chuckle from his dad "Open that" his mom said which I was gguessing she was pointing to me. I felt him tear the wrapping then opened the box "Hey this isn't thr north pole" I said and he pulled me out of the box and held me tightly in his arms "I didn't know you were coming!!" Daniel said excitingly. "Oh really" I said and he kissed me "Now open your present" I said picking up the guitar as he began to open it I recorded it on Instagram "Oh my......" Daniel started but couldn't finish because he attacked me in a hug ""I love it!!I love you" he said never letting me go "Okay time for your present" Daniel said, "You didn't have to" I said and he insisted and gave me a wrapped box with something else wrapped on top of the box. I opened the box firstand saw it was a velvet box I opened and saw the 5,000 bracelet I wanted but I never told him "I asked your dad" he whispered and I hugged him this time  "Now open your second one" he said handing me a flimsy gift I opened it and it was a ticket to......PARIS!!!! "Oh my g-god I-I'm going to p-paris" I said hugging him for the last time "I love you I love you I love you I love you" I said in the hug as I was crying and his family was just watching in Joy. "When are we going?" I asked as they were opening their presents "Tomorrow morning" he said and I got excited "I can't wait" I said crossing my legs and watching how joyful they are today how am I so lucky I thought admirer Daniel's features "Stop staringgg" he said kissing my cheek "Because I'm lucky to have you" I said "Cone here" he said cuddling me into him Best Christmas Ever I thought.

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