Christmas Eve Party

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"Wake up love we have to get packed" Daniel whispered, "Why?" I asked totally forgetting we had a flight "Because we have different flights in 2 hour" he said and that's when I shot up "I totally forgot it was Christmas Eve!!" I yelled standing up on my bed "Chtistmas is tomorrow!!" I yelled jumping up and down like a kid "I adore you so much" Daniel said laughing "What!?It's 24 hours until Christmas, and I can't wait to give you your present" I said excitingly. Then I got up to take a shower. When I was done Daniel was going after me I threw on anything and lefty hair wet while putting on my contacts. "Okay now for the packing" I whispered to myself while stuffing loads of close and makeup etc. "Okay I'm ready!" I yelled going downstairs to get something to eat. As I was eating cereal I say a finger go into it "WHYY!!!!" I yelled at Daniel who was cracking up "Why would you put your finger in my fruity pebbles?" I asked "Because I wanted to and...those are bad for you" he said wrapping is arms around around my waist behind me. "Since when are you 'healthy' " I said using air quotes "Since now" he said turning me around "Ooooo we have to go our flight leaves in 30 MINUTES!!" I  said running to my luggages and pulling them out the door. We got to the airport and saw the boys there waiting for their separate flights "Hey guys" I said sitting in a chair there were mixtures of 'hey' and 'wassup' which came from Zach. While we were waiting I felt someone pinch my side I turned to my right to see Daniel with a weird facial expression the to my left I saw a normal Jonah. Then 2 minutes later I felt another one then looked at Daniel and he was hiding his mouth in his hoodie with bright blue eyes "Stop" I whispered "Wait is that my hoodie?" Daniel whispered "You know it" I said pulling my knees up to my face. Minutes they called Corbyn's flight "Bye Corbean" I said hugging "See ya" he said hugging me and the other boys. Then Jonah's flight "See ya Jonah" I said hugging him and hug me,Daniel,Zach and Jack. After that Jack's flight left "Bye noodles!" I said hugging "Tell the Avery family I said hi" I said hugging him, next was me "Bye guys" I said standing up hugging Zach and then Daniel "Bye babe" I whispered while he hugged me while lifting me off the ground as I wrapped my legs around his torso "I love you" he whispered "I love you too" I whispered then he put me down and kissed my lips passionately. I walked to the man who takes the tickets and I was off to Michigan. The flight was some hours long so I texted Daniel nonstop. My flight landed and I got out getting my luggage. It was soooo cold, I had to put my hood on quickly and call an Uber to my moms house. I got straight in the Uber and he helped me with my luggage. The ride wasn't long, I finally saw my mom's decorated house and the car stopped and I got out to grab my luggage. She didn't even know I was coming so I knocked on the door and as soon as she opened the pulled me into a tight hug "Oh my god I didn't even know you were coming!!!" She said excitingly. "I know I wanted to surprise you" I said smiling "And you sure did,come in it's freezing outside" she said opening the door wider so I can come in. I saw plasters of snacks and cookies everywhere "Mom? Are you having a party?" I asked and she nodded "Go get dresses it starts in an hour" she said going into the kitchen "Really?!" I asked speeding up "Hey you chose to surprise me" she said laughing while finishing up some cooking. I got an outfit out and did my makeup as I was finishing up I got a call from Daniel. "Hey good lookin' what ya doing?" he said resting his head on his hands "I'm getting ready for my mom's Christmas Eve party" I said doing my hair "Oh well hey good lookin' what ya doing,hey good lookin' what ya doing to me to me to me" he sang "Really Daniel" I said laughing a little "Yesss really....I miss you and your kisses and your hugs and your.....well I miss your everything" he whined "Daniel it's only been hours how can you miss me that much" I said not knowing if I should of said that because here comes dramatic Daniel. "Why do I miss you so much?! Is that even a question?You know what.....never mind I love you" he said smiling shyly "You're cute" I said finishing up everything "How do I look?" I asked doing a full turn "You look beautiful nas always" he says smiling again "Okay I have to go" I said "Fine I love you and...byeee" he said giving me a air kiss "Byeee" I said  laughing and hanging up. I was finished with my outfit

 I was finished with my outfit

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And I heard people already. As soon as I came downstairs the house was full of grown ups and their children "Oh hi honey meet Cassandra and her son Caleb" my mom said, and I shook the boy and his mom's hand "Nice to meet you" I said to them both. Then she introduced me to another......and another......and soon enough the whole house.
~2 hours later~
The party was finally over and I helped clean up everything then I took a shower and went straight to sleep.

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